John, a student at a local university, frequently visits a nearby coffee shop during his breaks. The coffee shop is owned: Law of Tort Case Study, BAC, Malaysia

University Brickfields Asia College (BAC)
Subject Law of Tort

John, a student at a local university, frequently visits a nearby coffee shop during his breaks. The coffee shop is owned and operated by “Beans & Brews.” One day, as John leaves the coffee shop, he slips on a wet floor near the entrance and sustains injuries. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the floor was wet due to a leaking air conditioning unit in the shop, which had not been promptly repaired despite prior complaints.

  • Discuss the legal principles and elements of negligence that may be applicable in this scenario.
  • Analyze whether “Beans & Brews” can be held liable for John’s injuries under the negligence principles.
  • Identify any potential defenses that “Beans & Brews” may raise against the negligence claim.
  • Assess the potential damages that John may be entitled to if he successfully establishes a negligence claim against Beans & Brews.
  • Finally, conclude whether John will likely succeed in his negligence claim against Beans & Brews.

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