OMGT1062: What types of transportation and supply chain software does myIoT need to support its business growth: Transportation and Freight Logistics Report, RMIT, Malaysia

University Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Subject OMGT1062 Transportation and Freight Logistics ReportMak

Case Study – myIoT Inc.
Danny Uplike, CEO of myIoT, grew increasingly frustrated as he read the auditor’s report aloud to his leadership team. He concluded by saying: “How the heck can a technology product company be so inept at using technology to run its business? We need to get this issue resolved ASAP. Those holiday orders from the huge retailers will start to ship out in three months. We will lose their business with these types of basic transportation problems. Fix it now.” Uplike slammed the report on the table and stormed out of the conference room. After the outburst, the remaining executives turned to Victor Michel for a solution. The transportation vice president responded by saying: “I have been telling you folks for a year that this was a growing problem and have been doing some research on technology options. Give me a reasonable budget and two months. We will replace our patchwork ‘system’ with a transportation solution that really works.”


  1. What types of transportation and supply chain software does myIoT need to support its business growth? What features and capabilities are needed?
  2. To obtain the necessary transportation capabilities in a short timeframe, what type of software purchase option should myIoT pursue? Explain.
  3.  How can myIoT benefit from TMS that deploy artificial intelligence capabilities and carriers that provide advanced freight monitoring capabilities?
  4. As the myIoT online business grows, how can the company use emerging technologies to support final/last mile deliveries?

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