MPU3313: evaluate learners’ analytical and reflective skills in addressing issues related to health and wellness promotion for individuals, families, and communities: Health and Wellness 2 Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject MPU3313: Health and Wellness 2


This assignment is to evaluate learners’ analytical and reflective skills in addressing issues related to health and wellness promotion for individuals, families, and communities.


Synopsis 1(a)

A well-balanced diet is important in maintaining a healthy body of the individual, families and community.

Question 1(a):

Express specifically the essential nutrients that constitute a well-balanced diet for better quality of life.

Synopsis 1(b):

Dietary modifications from a normal diet are necessary for the therapeutic needs of special groups of people. Mr. Q is a newly diagnosed diabetic patient requiring insulin to stabilize his blood glucose levels. He attends a diabetes clinic to receive education on the self-management of diabetes. He also has kidney failure. The physician ensures Mr. Q understands the proposed therapeutic diet plan and obtains written consent to provide a therapeutic nutritional care plan.

Question 1(b):

Use relevant resources to discuss the therapeutic diet for Mr. Q who has diabetes and kidney failure in order to ensure a more meaningful life.


Question 2:

Recall your learning experience related to essential nutrients as well as therapeutic diet through your reading and discussions in the respective tutorial sessions and e-  Forums.

Based on the experience, develop a health reflective journal on your views related to the issue of constituting a well-balanced diet and your intervention to avoid the above disease in order to ensure a more meaningful life.

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