MOM705: Explain how Operations Management OM research can complement Entrepreneurship theory – 3 – 4 pages: Operations management Assignment, AEU, Malaysia

University Asia e University (AeU)

Question 1 :

  • Explain how Operations Management (OM) research can complement Entrepreneurship theory – 3 – 4 pages
  • Conduct a literature review on Operational Entrepreneurship. – 6-7 pages

Question 2:

Discuss the Operations Management (OM) strategy and issues during a product life cycle.  Illustrate your answer with example(s) which you are familiar with.  –  6 – 7 pages

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Question 3: 

 Ali makes ping-pong balls in his Malaysia plant.  With recent increases in his costs, he has a newfound interest in inefficiency.  Ali is interested in determining the productivity of his organization.  He would like to know if his organization is maintaining the manufacturing average of a 3% increase in productivity.  He has the following data of  month June 2015 and month June 2016

Show the productivity percentage change for each category and then determine the improvement for labour- hours, the typical standard for comparison.

Question 4:

  • Draw the AON network for the construction activity.
  • Draw the AOA network for the construction activity.
  • Identify the critical path in parts (a) and (b).
  • What is the expected project length for parts (a) and (b)?
  • Comment your answer on part (d).

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