Modern times have seen a rise in the adoption of cloud infrastructure. As infrastructure expands: Server deployment automation in Cloud Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Server deployment automation in Cloud


Modern times have seen a rise in the adoption of cloud infrastructure. As infrastructure expands, it is essential to design and create a system that can efficiently provide and manage numerous clouds, as the manual approach has challenges with resource provisioning, application deployment, monitoring, and centralized management.

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Due to the manual process, server provisioning in the cloud can be time-consuming and error-prone. The ideas of infrastructure as code (IAC) and the benefits of adopting it rather than the manual way are examined in this paper’s proposed final year project (FYP).

Ansible automation is used during cloud server provisioning to reduce tedious effort and prevent human error. The key purpose of this FYP is to save IT Administrator time and frees up to focus on activities that help offer more value to the business by allocating time to more vital activity.

It can take a while to do the initial server setup on each server. Scripts are used by Configuration Management Tools (CMT) like Ansible to coordinate the provisioning and setup of servers in the cloud. Theoretical analysis will look at the typical errors made during the implementation of infrastructure and compare infrastructure services.

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