MGT1013 Ten Pen Hypermarket is Trans-national organisation. The company was established in Malaysia: Principle of Management, KPM, Malaysia

University Kolej Profesional MARA Ayer Molek (KPM)
Subject MGT1013 Principle of Management

” TenPen Hypermarket”

“Ten Pen Hypermarket is Trans-national organisation. The company was established in Malaysia. At first, its operation Is in local market but after 20 years, it went global and started operated outside Malaysia. At present, there are GOt branches of TenPen Hypermarket throughout MataySta and ‘@: branches in Saudi Arabia.

. The organisational structure of an organisation is a critical component of its operations ensuring that all aspects of the business are managed effectively. The structure outlines the roles and responsibilities of each department and _ individual, facilitating efficient communication and coordination.

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At the top of the hierarchy of Ten Pen Hypermarket is the Company President. He is responsible for making major corporate decisions and managing the overall operations and resources of the company. Reporting directly to the Company President are the Vice Presidents. They oversee various aspects of the business, such as the finance, marketing, and operations.

– Since Ten Pen Hypermarket has 30 branches throughout Malaysia and 3 branches in Saudi Arabia, the operations are divided into the hands of the Regional Managers. The Regional Managers oversee the managing of the hypermarkets within their assigned regions. They ensure that all stores comply with company policies and meet performance targets.

The Merchandising department, which reports: to the Regional Managers, is responsible for product selection and pricing. They work closely with suppliers and analyse market trends to determine which products to stock. Whereas the Public Relations department manages the supermarket’s image and relationships with the public. They handle media inquiries, organize  promotional events, and manage crises. iach hypermarket store is managed by a General Manager. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the store, including sales, staff management, and customer service.

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