MBA6073: Decide demand and supply factors impacting the launch of the new product service based on the organization that you have selected incorporating short-run and long-run factors: Managerial Economics Assignment, QIUP, Malaysia

University Quest International University Perak
Subject MBA6073: Managerial Economics

Question 1:

Decide demand and supply factors impacting the launch of the new product/service based on the organization that you have selected incorporating short-run and long-run factors.

 Question 2:

Recommend three initiatives the organization you have selected should embark on to become an agile organization. Use managerial economics concepts to support your recommendations.

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Question 3:

Based on the existing local and regional economic conditions, develop the growth plan for the newly launched product/service based on the managerial economics pricing and cost principles.

Question 4:

Evaluate the potential impact of the newly launched product on the local and regional economy for the next two years incorporating the concepts of consumer consumption, savings, investment, and inflation. Based on your evaluation, assess the growth potential for the newly launched product/service using economics theories.

Question 5:

  • Reflect on the effort you have committed to searching for the information required to complete this assignment.
  • Reflect on the level of honesty required for you to defend your arguments presented in this assignment.

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