MBOC7074: Demonstrate appropriate competencies in planning and conducting a systematic research study based upon sound aims and objectives: Research project Research paper, IUMW, Malaysia

University International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
Subject MBOC7074: research project

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate appropriate competencies in planning and conducting a systematic research study based upon sound aims and objectives, research methodology, and utilizing analytical and interpretative skills and primary and secondary data.
  2. Consult, critically analyze and synthesize relevant literature. Select from the broad review of literature the most relevant to the chosen area of study.
  3. Understanding critically the theoretical perspectives of the research inquiry, formulate an appropriate research methodology, while recognizing both its strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Analyze, evaluate and synthesize data and present appropriate conclusions and realistic recommendations
  5. Reflect upon theory and its wider application. And identify the implications of findings for professional development and how they can be shared in theoretical, professional, and academic perspectives


The dissertation normally arises from a student’s interest and will be developed from the topics studied. It will require the student to broaden a field of study by developing a systematic piece of research based upon a sound rationale, appropriately chosen research methodology, and appropriate synthesis and presentation of both primary and secondary sources of data that take into account both ethical and empirical limitations. Also, it will aim to show how the conclusions of the research are capable of more general application, either on a professional or theoretical basis.

The dissertation is an essential part of the degree as it is the culmination of the Master’s program and defines the master’s worthiness of the program. As such, it has been designed and conceived as an integral part of the program. Preparation for the dissertation begins early as students develop analytical and other research skills throughout part one of the program.

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The Dissertation Process

There are several formal processes associated with the dissertation/Business Project.

Registering your dissertation topic
this must be done on the Dissertation Proposal Form (appendix 1) by the published date. Wherever possible you should include an outline proposal as well as the title but we appreciate, that in some cases, you cannot do this until you have consulted your supervisor. You must submit this form on time, to the relevant Faculty office, as you will not be allocated a supervisor until it is submitted.

Choosing a Topic, Issue, Problem or Question

You choose your topic but it has to be approved. You can choose a similar topic that may have been assessed for another module as long as it does not cover identical ground.

As a start, remind yourself that a dissertation/business project is much more than just a simple descriptive account of some aspect of your course. Very often the success of your dissertation/business project is determined by how successful you are in finding a good issue to pursue, a problem to investigate, a question to answer, and so on. Unless you are

Using Sources and Referencing

Do not forget that a dissertation depends crucially on source material. From the assessment criteria listed in a later section of this document, you will see that you will be evaluated on the way you use your sources. successful here you may be unable to develop a coherent and well-argued dissertation. This first stage can be difficult so don’t be afraid to spend some time on it.

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