Jayden, born on May 2021, is a 3-year-old Boy, the only child in the family, having difficulties with social skills and sharing: Socio-Emotional Development of Children Case Study, UPM, Malaysia


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Socio-Emotional Development of Children

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Jayden, born on May 2021, is a 3-year-old Boy, the only child in the family, having difficulties with social skills and sharing. Their mother is a full-time housewife who has been fully taking care of Jayden until 2 ½ years old. Father works in Singapore and back home once a week. Jayden joins the school starting Feb 2023 until now. The family’s financial situation should belong to the middle and upper. The mother is concerned about the milk powder that Jayden is drinking. Milk powder can be purchased from Singapore only, and the price of diapers consider much more expensive than usual.

As an only child in the family, their parents and grandparents spoil him, worried that he is sick, getting flu or cough in the care center. From my observation, his mother has anxiety problems. She always complains that Jayden’s grandparents are stressing her regarding Jayden’s health. She refuses to bring Jayden out alone often as she sees Jayden as a child who is very hard to control.

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