In this assignment, your team is asked to develop a store management system (SMS) in Java using Eclipse IDE and object-oriented programming concepts: Object Orientation Programming Assignment, UUM, Malaysia

University Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Subject Object Orientation Programming


In this assignment, your team is asked to develop a store management system (SMS) in Java using Eclipse IDE and object-oriented programming concepts. The main objective of the SMS is to keep track, manage, and update goods available (sometimes also known as stocks) in a newly started computer shop that sells three products (laptops, desktops, and mice).

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Program Functions

Your program must fulfil the following functional specifications:

  • Display the Welcome to the SMS, the current date and time, and the names of group members (in alphabetical order).
  • Allow user to input their full name. Then, generate a user ID of their first initial and surname for the record. Display the user ID and their name when a user exits the system.
  • Check if the user would like to add any products. If the user wishes to add products, the program should prompt and require a user to enter a number to add the product. If the user does not wish to add any products, the program should prompt and require the user to enter a value of zero.
  • Display the menu option that contains all the selections (laptop, desktop, and mice). Provide an intuitive input method that allows users to select a product so that users can add new entries.
  • Display the menu option whether to view stock, add stock, deduct stock, discontinue a product, or do nothing (Exit). Check if a user is making a valid selection. Execute the appropriate methods that you have created in the StoreManagement class (to view stock, add stock, deduct stock, or discontinue product) based on user selection.

Object-Oriented Design 

You must use Java and object-oriented programming techniques in your implementation. Your design should follow good object-oriented design principles such as:

  • Single responsibility – a class should have responsibility for a single functionality of a program and that responsibility should be encapsulated by the class.
  • Open/closed principle – classes or modules should be open for extension but closed for modification.
  • Efficient and no redundancy – keep it simple

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