Identify suitable mathematical models based on different types of problems that exist related to appropriate approaches: Operational Research Research Paper, TUE, Malaysia


The University of Edinburgh (TUE)

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Individual Assignment


Operational Research

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  • 1. learn the characteristics of certain significant types of problems in real-life situations.
  • 2. be able to differentiate between optimization techniques in solving appropriate problems.
  • 3. identify suitable mathematical models based on different types of problems that exist related to appropriate approaches.
  • 4. suggest solutions to organizational problems in the service and industrial sectors using appropriate techniques along with the appropriate use of the software.

1. First, study the related problem on the chosen topic which will be modeled as
a. Read some literature review to understand the problem including definition, objectives, constraints involved, previously proposed methodologies, etc

b. Start to work on the problem by identifying the problem statement, research
objective, research scope, significance, etc.

2. Gather the data and information.

3. Develop the mathematical formulation of the problem

4. Solve the problem by using Excel Solver or Lingo.

5. Analyze your result by using sensitivity analysis and provide comparison and discussion.

6. Do the report writing.

7. Revise your paper and submit a final version at the end of the course (please submit a soft copy the

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