Identify and evaluate the role and function of research & Identify five different types of research methods in the business computing field: Research Methodology Research Paper, MSU, Malaysia

University Management & Science University (MSU)
Subject Research Methodology

Learning Outcome:

  • Identify and evaluate the role and function of research.
  • Identify five different types of research methods in the business computing field.
  • Solve digital forensic problems using appropriate tools, techniques, and strategies.
  • Apply skills and principles of learning for continuous career advancement and higher education.

Task 1:

Based on the research area of interest of the group Performed a reference search and identify 15 references per student, in a group of 5 students write a literature review on your area of choice, the review can’t accede 60 pages and must include a minimum of 60 references. Make sure to include in-text citations of the references and add the references to the paper using APA format.

Task 2:

During the Class time in the same group for Task 1, you are required to present your LR in, In the form of a Figure or mind map that is generated from Task 1, the presentation should include the steps and method used to conduct the literature survey and literature review.

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