Fact-finding and action-talking duties often polarize an individual and the entire group’s dynamics: Organizational Behavior Home Work, USM, Malaysia

University Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
Subject Organizational Behaviour
  1. Fact-finding and action-talking duties often polarize an individual and the entire group’s dynamics. This is because fact-finding and action-talking lead to decisions and discussions about various topics and public policies that may cause them to make extreme decisions compared to the initial inclination before the research. Additionally, an individual’s attitude may be strengthened or intensified after a fact-finding or action-talking activity.
  2. Although the John Lewis partnership is one of the few UK companies where bumper bonuses do not constitute a public outcry, It has some weaknesses in group decision-making. The weaknesses in John Partnerships group decision-making are that the employee-owned businesses typically outperform the company since the employees do not have the right to make decisions.
  3. Diversity is important in fact-finding to higher levels of trust. This trust leads to a feeling of psychological safety, which, in turn, leads to respect. Without either of these, teams and their leaders are unlikely to work well together, much less increase team productivity and performance. Diversity is also important in action-taking to better decision-making. With diversity comes multiple perspectives. When team members bring a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, they are more likely to solve problems and be innovative. This can lead to more thoroughly vetted results. Leaders are also more likely able to make better decisions based on facts. Inclusive management also optimizes talent and productivity, leading to higher-performing teams.

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