Analyse and describe how will advances in technology and telecommunications affect developing countries: Managing In the International Economy Assignment, UON, Malaysia


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Managing In the International Economy

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  1. Analyse and describe how will advances in technology and telecommunications affect developing countries. How it contributes to their sustainability in the domestic market like in Malaysia?
  2. Analyse and compare the methods used by both international organizations for their business operation that face entirely different political systems, economic ideologies, and technological environments in host countries like India. In this discussion, students must examine the strategies employed by both firms in various nations or their native countries in order to better understand the operational differences. It must be supported by pertinent data and information and solid scholarly literature.
  3. Explain how cultural variations impact the operations of both organizations in developing nations. How do you believe it will vary from the organizations’ native nation or any other countries in which they operate? The discussion must consider Hofstede’s cultural dimensions into consideration.
  4. Critically specify the management-related problems and/or opportunities that both companies face in developing nations. How would this hinder the company’s ability to thrive in a foreign country? Support your answers with relevant facts and a literature review. Critically recommend the most effective method to ensure the company’s survival and growth in a foreign location. What ethical concerns can you suggest to the senior management in order to improve the company’s image in a foreign country?

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