HMEF5133: The objective of the assignment is to enhance learners’ ability in researching a topic of study : Directed Reading Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject HMEF5133: Directed Reading


The objective of the assignment is to enhance learners’ ability in researching a topic of study.  This practice will enable the learners to identify and formulate an inquiry question that is pertinent in the education fraternity. The learners will have the know-how to search and locate relevant information from journal articles and analyse and synthesize information about their research. The second objective of the assignment is to expose learners to academic conferences/seminars to present their research progress through oral presentation.


Write a literature review on an educational topic of your choice.  The selected topic should not be the one that you have attempted in other courses.  You need to identify at least 6 empirical journal articles related to your topic and write a 20-page literature review based on the articles that you have selected. The selected research articles should be published within the last 7 years (the year 2015 onwards).


You are required to summarize and critically evaluate relevant literature to establish current knowledge of a topic.  You may use the following steps as a guide to complete this task.

1. Identify an educational topic that you are interested in.

2. Formulate an inquiry question(s) that specifically describes what you would like to know about your educational topic.

3. Search for journal articles that include your topic’s information.

4. Read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they correspond well to your topic and inquiry question(s).

5. Read your selected articles and begin to sort and classify them according to themes. * Refer to Topic 4 of the module.

 Literature review and Conclusion 

Before you begin this section, you are required to sort your articles into different themes.  Each theme should be given a descriptive name which will become the heading of the sub-sections.  The body of your literature review should include:

a. Theme 1:  several paragraphs that describe the first theme that you identified by critically analyzing and synthesizing information by comparing/contrasting the articles.

b. Theme 2:  several paragraphs that describe the second theme that you identified by critically analyzing and synthesizing information by comparing/contrasting the articles

c. Theme 3:  several paragraphs that describe the third theme that you identified by critically analyzing and synthesizing information by comparing/contrasting the articles. *Refer to Topic 6 of the module.  You may have more than 3 themes.

d. Your views in terms of; §  Any problems or gaps in the literature §  The need to carry out the intended research and how it will contribute to the body of knowledge e. You can compare and contrast the articles in terms of the following; §  Findings §  Methodologies §  Arguments put forth by the author


Based on Part 1, prepare a PowerPoint presentation for an oral presentation within 10 minutes. The presentation should contain a maximum of 12 slides in total. You are advised to follow the given guidelines below.


This part requires students to participate actively in the MyINSPIRE forum. Discuss the following topics in the forum and submit proof of your participation with your tutor and peers in the forum online discussions:

  1. Discuss the importance of literature review in research.
  2. Discuss the difference between the theoretical framework and conceptual framework.
  3. Discuss the difference between the qualitative research method and the quantitative research method.

Instruction on how to submit proof of online class participation:

  1. Select the best FIVE (5) of your postings from your forum discussion set in the assignment.
  2. Do screenshots of the postings and include them as images in your Part 1 and Part 2 assignment file.
  3. The screenshots should be in an image file (either in JPG or PNG format). Refer to the sample of Screen Grab below
  4. The screenshots should contain the name, title of the discussion, day, date, and time.

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