FIT2004: you need to create a program the user can enter a word, reverse the word and check if the word is a palindrome word using a linked list: Algorithms and data structures Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject FIT2004: Algorithms and data structures

you need to create a program the user can enter a word, reverse the word and check if the word is a palindrome word using a linked list. At the end of the program, it will list all of the palindrome words from the words entered.

The program must consist of the following method/function:

a) menu() – as an interface for the user

b) add_word(string) – to enter the word into the list

c) show_list() – to display the lists

d) reverse_word(string) – to reverse the word

e) palindrome(string) – to check if the word is a palindrome

f) palindrome_list() – to list all of the palindrome words

g) delete_list() – to delete list

For example, a segment of output:

How many words do you want to enter: 3

Please enter a word: kayak

Please enter a word: madam

Please enter a word: world

Reversed the word: kayak

Reversed the word: madam

Reversed the word: low

kayak is a palindrome word.

madam is a palindrome word

world is not a palindrome word.

List of the palindrome words: kayak, madam

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