Figure 1 shows an electric circuit network. Using the proper tree in Figure 2, determine all the voltage and current for each edge: Network Analysis Assignment, CUSCT, Malaysia

  • Figure 1 shows an electric circuit network. Using the proper tree in Figure 2, determine all the voltage and current for each edge of the tree up to 4 decimal points by using:

1) Calculation f-loop method.
2) Calculation f-cutset method.
3) Calculation using PSPICE with simulated circuit diagram.
4) Compare the result from all the above and comment.
5) Find the power dissipated by the 3Ω resistors.

Let V1 = ∑SID. If SID = 1111111111 then ∑SID = 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 10.
V2 = 3V for odd SID and V2 = 2V for even SID.
I1 = 4A for even SID and I1 = 6A for odd SID.
I2 = 1A for even SID and I2 = 3A for odd SID.

Network Analysis

  • Refer to the network shown in Figure 3. The ohmic values also represent the branch numbers. Form a tree with tree branches 4, 5, 6. Using the concept of fundamental loop and fundamental cut-set,

(i) find the various branch currents
(ii) find the various branch voltages (Vbc, Vab, Vac, Vcd, Vad, Vbd)
(iii) find the power dissipated by the 3Ω resistor.

Network Analysis

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