Explain what happened to both of county regarding their export and imports during Covid 19: International Economics Assignment, UNM, Malaysia

University University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM)
Subject International Economics Assignment

Students are required to search data or/and graph of export and import for 2 countries for 2 years.
Then write a report and your report must include:
1) Background of countries:

  • Country name
  • Gross Domestics Product and Gross National Product for 2 year
  •  What they specialize to produce
  • ” What product/ service the export and import for 2 years

2)Analyse the import and export for 2 years

3) Explain what happened to both of county regarding their export and imports during Covid 19

4) Which country you prefer to enter international trade and give the reasons why you select the country. Your reason can base on:

  •  Current exchange rate
  •  Tariff
  •  barrier to enter the international trade ©
  •  cost of production and etc.

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