MCS714 Explain how Sanlu Group’s actions, or lack thereof, in response to the contaminated infant formula aligned: Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

Explain how Sanlu Group’s actions, or lack thereof, in response to the contaminated infant formula aligned with or deviated from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concepts.

Examine how far Sanlu Group went to demonstrate transparency and accountability in dealing with the contaminated milk issue, and how they could have improved their approach to meet CSR standards.

  In your opinion, what are the key lessons for businesses around the world in terms of CSR that can be drawn from the Sanlu Group case study?

Justify your answer with relevant examples and concepts.

Do you think that consumers and investors can assess a company’s commitment to CSR in industries where product safety and public health are major concerns, such as the dairy industry? Discuss.

In retrospect, propose proactive and effective CSR strategies based on your knowledge of CSR that Sanlu Group could have implemented to prevent or mitigate the crisis and its adverse impacts on the affected infants and their families.

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