Describe briefly the organization, its purpose, and its business. Research is required, with at least 2 references: Culture & Organizations Case Study, UKM, Malaysia

University Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Subject Culture & Organizations
  1. Organizational purpose
    Describe briefly the organization, its purpose, and its business. Research is required, with at least 2 references.
  2. Organizational structure
    Based on McDonald’s organizational structure in the figure in Appendix B:
    a. What form of organizational structure has it adopted?
    b. Explain TWO (2) advantages and TWO (2) disadvantages of this structure for
  3. Organizational culture
    a. According to the article, discuss TWO (2) issues related to organizational culture and processes that have been identified. Include a specific example from the article.
    b. Give TWO (2) reasons why these issues are a grave concern for McDonald’s.
    c. Referring to the 7 Dimensions of Organisational Culture, suggest ONE (1) dimension that McDonald’s can apply to improve its overall organizational culture.
    d. In what way will this help McDonald’s?
  4. Was McDonald’s facing a structured or unstructured problem? Give TWO (2) reasons for your answer.
  5. Give an example of a structured problem in McDonald’s workplace. (5 marks)
  6. What kind of decision-making style would be the least appropriate for the situation that McDonald’s was in, as reported in the article? Give reasons for your answer, with at least TWO (2) references.
  7. Apply the first FIVE (5) steps in the Rational Decision-Making Process with elaboration for each step in the context of McDonald’s situation.
  8. Identify TWO (2) important leadership qualities that McDonald’s new CEO should possess for him to transform the organization. Explain why they are important.

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