CSC404: UiTM Johor will organize an Active Learning Workshop among lecturers from UiTM and other universities in Malaysia: Programming II Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia


Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

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Individual Assignment


CSC404: Programming II

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UiTM Johor will organize an Active Learning Workshop among lecturers from UiTM and other universities in Malaysia. This workshop will be held for two days. The participants can choose either weekdays or weekends to attend this workshop. If the participants are from UiTM, 15% will be given as a discount. Below is the fee rate for the workshop:


  • Write the function get input which is used to get the input for day code, university code, and a number of people from the user, and return them to the main function through its parameters.
  • Write the function named call payment which receives the day code, university code, and the number of persons as its parameters. This function will calculate the payment that the user needs to pay based on the day code and return the payment to the main program. If the code is incorrect then the payment is set to 0. The function returns the payment to the main program.
  • Write the main program which calls the above functions. It will then check for
    a discounted price, if any, and display the user’s information with the payment.

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