BUSB237F: Assume that you are Carmen Wang, the financial controller of China Life Insurance Company: Business Assignment, SU, Malaysia


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BUSB237F: Business

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Assume that you are Carmen Wang, the financial controller of China Life Insurance Company. Established in 2019, your company is undergoing expansion and is used to having a good relationship with China Best Construction Bank.

Though you are the client of China Best Construction Bank, you sometimes need the help of its corporate team to write credit reports, which are to be disclosed to your company’s external investors annually. You may also need the corporate team to help fight for good loan terms when your company expands further in the future.

Your subordinate, Xuhua Liu, told you yesterday that he had some frustrating experiences with China Best Construction Bank. He drafted the above letter and sent it to you for comment. Although you agreed to reflect some problems to the bank so that the corporate team will know how to make improvements, you found the letter inappropriate and decided to rewrite it for your subordinate.

Applying the knowledge and skills you have learned from the course, rewrite the letter on behalf of Xuhua Liu, your subordinate, to Katy Chen. You may invent further details to make the letter sufficiently informative and logical. Remember, you will gain no marks by merely copying wordings from the question into your answer.

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