BUS707: Critically analyze the current strategic aims and objectives of your chosen scenario/organization: Strategic Direction Assignment, LIBT, Malaysia

University London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT)
Subject BUS707: Strategic Direction

You are a manager at a medium-sized organization. You have been asked to review your organizational strategic plan to establish if suitable progress is being made to meet the organization’s strategic objectives. Analysis of internal and external factors affecting the plan is part of your remit and it has been suggested you examine options to meet the plan which is more effective and cost-efficient. From your analysis, you need to justify your recommendations and so, valid and realistic options need to be produced.

If you will be using the scenario please select and research an organization of your choice with regard to their strategic plan. Provide details of your research and a short summary of the information you have found in order that the assessor may contextualize your responses to the tasks below.


  • Critically analyze the current strategic aims and objectives of your chosen scenario/organization, you may wish to consider the fuller hierarchy of objectives, within your critical analysis, enabling greater detection of misalignment. Use techniques and modeling to underpin your critical analysis, where feasible.
  • Decompose your organizational strategy into logical component parts, it is likely that each functional area will have its own customized strategies and tactics; it is within this sphere that misalignment often occurs. Not all component parts of the strategy will have the same value or level of risk; this may be considered in your analysis.
  • Critically conduct an environmental scan focused on environmental factors in the short and medium term, short being up to one year, and long term being up to three years.

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