BNNS6314 Discuss the differences between the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the community nurse and the hospital nurse. (500 words): Community Health Nursing Assignment, LUC, Malaysia


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BNNS6314 Community Health Nursing Assignment

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ESSAY (2000 words)

The role of the Community Health Nurse is to promote and protect the health of the community whereas the role of the nurse in the hospital is to provide treatment and nursing care in general.
School health activities are an integral part of promoting and maintaining the well-being of students, with health education being an integral activity during a school visit whether primary or secondary.

A. Discuss the differences between the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the community nurse and the hospital nurse. (500 words)

B. Elaborate on the activities that are conducted during a school health visit and the impact these activities can have on students. (400 words)

C. Elaborate on how you, as a community nurse, will conduct health education for a group of pupils in a primary school based on a relevant topic according to their age group and include the following:
i. provide the reasons for your chosen topic as to how it aligns to their needs.
ii. state your objectives (between two to three).
iii. explain the materials you will require.
iv. explain methods of delivery/deliveries selected (e.g., games, demonstrations, workshop).
(900 words)

D. Discuss the role of multi-disciplinary teams in collaborating with community health care nurses in providing care for the community. (200 words)

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