BA31403: Students are required to prepare a report containing a summary of the topic: Issues In International Business Assignment, UMS, Malaysia

University Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
Subject BA31403: Issues In International Business

Students are required to prepare a report containing a summary of the topic. For the report, students have the freedom to select any Multinational Company (MNC) to be related to chapter 1 in the syllabus, and student is required to summarise the I n t r o d u c t I o n to g l o b a l m a r k e t I n g based on their own understanding, with relevant applications in the international marketing context. Students are required to answer all the following questions based on the selected MNC. In the end, students state the conclusion
of the global marketing implemented in the selected MNC.

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Chapter 1 explained how the world economy is becoming more global and reviewed the main drivers of globalization, arguing that they seem to be thrusting nation-states toward a more tightly integrated global economy. It looked at how the nature of international business is changing in response to the changing global economy, discussed concerns raised by rapid globalization, and reviewed the implications of rapid globalization for individual managers.

The content of the report must be included all the followings information:
1. Introduction
2. Summary of the topic
3. Background of the company
4. Use the product/market growth matrix to explain the various ways a company can expand globally.
5. Do an analysis of at least one emerging market in which the company wishes to operate in terms of PEST (Political – Economic – Social – Technology). From the international marketing context.
6. Markets, Value Proposition, and it’s important to the company

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