ABCR2103 Principles Of Corporate Communication/ Prinsip Komunikasi Korporat January 2024 SEMESTER – OUM Assignment Malaysia


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ABCR2103 Principles Of Corporate Communication

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PART I: (50%)


This assignment aims to assess students’ understanding of the roles and functions of corporate communication. It also analyses the impacts of technology on corporate communication in maintaining a positive corporate brand image and reputation for an organisation.


In corporate communication, the core elements of identity, image, and reputation are of utmost importance. The rise of new digital communication technologies has significantly increased organisations’ awareness of the need to cultivate strong corporate communication. As a result, businesses are realigning their budgets and internal structures to prioritise these imperatives.

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Based on the above statement, prepare the following: 

1.Search THREE LATEST (from 2020 onwards) research/journal articles related to Corporate Communication and Technology. Read the articles and, in your own words:

  • Defines and summarises the meanings of Corporate Communication; AND 
  • Discuss the impacts of technology on corporate communication functions and roles. Each point discussed must be supported by these three journal articles/references. 
  1. Other than Petronas, choose TWO oil and gas companies in Malaysia. Based on the selected companies:
  • Provide the background of the oil and gas companies and their stakeholders.
  •  Analyse how these TWO oil and gas companies use corporate communication to develop their positive corporate brand image and reputation. Provide real examples related to the organisations.
  • Compare the corporate communication strategies applied by both oil and gas companies to develop their corporate brand image and reputation with Petronas.
  • To what extent do all these THREE private oil and gas companies apply the strategies successfully and maximise the new technologies in developing their corporate brand image and reputation? Justify your answers with actual examples.
  • Which strategy do you think is most effective? Why?
  1. If you were given an opportunity to work with these oil and gas companies, suggest how you would help them develop or enhance their brand image and reputation among their stakeholders.

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Part II (10%): 


Discuss the following questions in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions: 

  1. Pick a brand you would like to purchase in KLCC. How do you feel about the brand? What criteria do you use to consider the brand? In general, are you concerned about the bad reputation of the products you purchase? Why?
  2. Differentiate between ethics and professionalism. Give THREE examples.
  3. In your opinion, what are the main benefits of a media partnership? Why?

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