ABCM2103 Information Technology, Media And Society Teknologi Maklumat, Media Dan Masyarakat January 2024 – OUM Assignment Malaysia


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Individual Assignment


Media Dan Masyarakat

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This assignment aims to evaluate students’ ability to apply knowledge learned in the course, specifically on information and communication technology and media credibility.


This assignment aims to explore the impact of the e-commerce revolution on consumer behavior, economic landscapes, and societal changes in Malaysia. You’ll analyse how technological advancements in online shopping platforms have transformed how Malaysians shop, interact with businesses, and perceive commerce.

  1. Introduction to e-commerce in Malaysia.
  2. Analyse how e-commerce has influenced Malaysian consumer behaviour, including shopping patterns, preferences and purchasing habits.
  3. Discuss the societal changes e-commerce brings, such as lifestyle shifts, community interactions, and urban-rural dynamics.
  4. Discuss innovations driving e-commerce growth and their impact on user experience.
  5. As a conclusion, predict future trends in e-commerce adoption, technology integration, and its broader implications for Malaysian society and economy. 

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Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

  1. Discuss the role of government regulations in controlling digital media. How do you think regulations should balance between freedom of expression and preventing harmful content dissemination online?
  2. Share examples of successful digital literacy programs or initiatives aimed at empowering communities to navigate the digital world effectively. How do these programs contribute to society?
  3.   Analyse how technology has influenced the representation of diverse cultures in the media. What challenges and opportunities does technology present in showcasing cultural diversity accurately? Give examples.
  4. How does excessive use of social media impact mental health among different age groups? Share insights into the positives and negatives of social media on mental well-being.
  5.     Predict the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of media consumption. How might AI impact content creation, distribution, and audience engagement?

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