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I am a writer and graphic designer. I can write articles, essays, summaries, and creative writings. I am good at making presentations and editing. I can also make assignments of all types.

Sub topics covered:

Flyers, posters, infographics, menus, banners, logos, layout, book design, trademarks, web typography, graphic arts, etc.

Sample Assignment Download

CSC159 Computer Organization Assignment Example UiTM Malaysia
The field of computer science requires students to have a deep understanding of the concepts and structures that make up our computers. The course will introduce them not only to…
Computer & It
MPU 3113 hubungan etnik soalan dan jawapan/MPU 3113 ethnic relations questions and answers
The assignment sample will introduce you to a concept that can be difficult and complex: social cohesion. The goal of these lessons is not only for students to know about…


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