How to Write an Article Review Assignment?

How to Write an Article Review Assignment?

This article discusses the ways and means one should do the task of article review assignment. Before discussing further it is important to understand what an article review is. An article review plays the dual role of a summary as also as an assessment of another person’s content.

Article reviews are often assigned to students to introduce the students to the activities of experts in relevant fields. Experts also review the work of other professionals. Comprehending the prime arguments and points of an article is important so that the writers can summarize it well.

On the other hand, a logical assessment of the article’s main theme, implications, and supporting arguments are vital for research and this is also considered an important component for review writing. This article discusses the basic points that one requires to understand to write article reviews.

How to Prepare for Review Writing?

This section of the article discusses the various ways and means to write reviews. The writer requires having know-how in article reviews. He requires summarizing the important notions, positions, arguments, and findings. The writer needs to know that article reviews can present multiple opinions. Such write-ups only respond to the research carried out by the author. Most importantly the writer needs to understand that article reviews not just summarize an article but also evaluate it.

Know the setting up of an article review

This section of the article discusses the setting up of an article review. The writer requires setting up the review utilizing the following parts.

The writer needs to make a summary of the article.

He requires discussing the important and positive things regarding the article.

The person also requires to find out gaps, contradictions, and inconsistencies that are there within the text.

Previewing the article write-up is important

This section of the article discusses previewing the article review assignment. The article review writer needs to read the article in full. Reading the article helps the readers to find out the main points of the article. It also helps to find out the author’s arguments. You require making notes of issues and words that you don’t comprehend. Find the concepts and terms that you are not familiar with.

Read the write-up

You need to read the article in full. Try to make sure that the write-up is very much relevant to the topic. You require being attentive to comprehend the significance of the content. Understand the article. Writing good article reviews requires a thorough understanding of the content.

Utilize your own words while writing

It is important to write the article review assignment using your own words. You as a writer need to find out the points in the article and write about them in your own words. You require discussing prime issues in the article. You can focus on the content, theoretical aspects, style, interpretation as well as presentation of evidence. You must review the article summary to get rid of less important points. The revised summary can be used for writing the summary at the start of the review.

Write the outline for the evaluation

This section discusses how to write the outline for the evaluation. The writer needs to understand the objective of the article and he requires to know whether the central concepts are defined properly or not. Besides, you need to know if the evidence is adequate and the clarity of the author’s write-up.

Write article review

This section of the article discusses the various ways and means of writing the article review.

The writer requires coming up with an appropriate title. The tile should be such that it reflects the focus of the review.

Provide citations to the article write-up. It’s important.

Identification of the article should be your priority. You need to commence your review by referring to the author of the write-up, the title, the journal-title, and the publication year.

Write a proper introduction to the article. Make it a point to make the introductory part not more than 10-25 of the entire review. You require completing the introduction using your thesis.

Make sure that you summarize the article content. The summary mentions the main points, findings, and arguments of the article. You require incorporating conclusions.

The summary needs to be written in paragraphs. Utilize quotations from the author. After writing the summary, review it well.

Writing your critique is vital. You need to appreciate the author in your own words as you write the critique. The summary part is important for the critique. You require supporting the critique with relevant evidence.

Next, you conclude the article review. This part of the content needs to be relevant, it should be 10% of the entire write-up.

Once you are done with the conclusion part it’s time to proofread the content. You require reading the review and correcting spelling and grammar errors if they are present. Remove all unnecessary information from the content. Make sure that you have discussed at least 4 issues in the article content.

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