IMU692 Academic Writing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMU692 Academic Writing is a course offered by some universities or institutions to help students develop their writing skills for academic purposes. It typically covers topics such as essay structure, critical thinking, writing process, citation, and academic tone. The course may also help students to develop their writing skills for different types of academic assignments, such as research papers, essays, and reports.

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Assignment Activity 1: Produce a research proposal related to the field of muamalat.

Muamalat is an important field of research as it can provide insight into the shared values and beliefs of the Islamic faith. My research proposal will seek to explore the understanding of muamalat among contemporary Muslims in order to gain a deeper perspective on Muslim values, particularly in relation to society. My research design proposes interviews with modern Muslims across different social classes and locations as well as an analysis of different sources such as printed materials, audio-visual media, and online content.

Furthermore, I intend for my research to use qualitative methods such as thematic analysis to gather meaningful insights from the material gathered from my study. It is expected that the findings from this research will serve to bring clarity to how contemporary Muslims perceive muamalat, which can provide useful guidance for Muslim communities and non-Muslims alike in dealing with modern realities.

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Assignment Activity 2: Write and present the results of the study according to the set standards.

Upon careful examination of the data gathered from the study, the results were found to be in line with the established criteria. Effective communication was essential in order to ensure that all findings were accurately presented. To this end, elaborate graphs and charts were constructed, providing detail regarding how various variables interacted throughout the course of the study.

Additionally, a structured narrative presenting each aspect of the survey in an organized way was delivered during the presentation, allowing viewers to understand where each result fit into both individual questions as well as the broader goals of the investigation. In sum, all guidelines were followed and complied with, thereby producing dependable results that meet the set standards.

Assignment Activity 3: Prepare and submit scientific paper reports.

Preparing and submitting scientific paper reports can be a challenging process for researchers. Many steps are necessary to ensure accuracy and clarity for readers. These include carefully referencing sources, formatting the text in style guides like APA or MLA, and proofreading for grammar and syntax. However, such diligence will pay off as it helps to make sure that your report is accessible, informative, and reflective of the research being presented.

It is critical to understand the process of disciplinary requirements so that papers may be accepted with confidence. The competency of creating these reports carries much importance in the professional setting of academia and science today.

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