IMU550 Fiqh Mu’asarah UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMU 550 Fiqh Mu’asarah is likely a course offered by the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in its program of study. It appears to cover the study of “Fiqh Mu’asarah” which is a term used to describe contemporary Islamic jurisprudence. The course likely focuses on understanding and applying Islamic legal principles to modern-day issues and challenges facing Muslims in the contemporary world.

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Here at this forum, let’s explore some of the important tasks assigned. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the concept of fiqh mu’asarah.

Fiqh mu’asarah is a concept in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) that refers to the application of Islamic law in contemporary situations, taking into account the changing circumstances and norms of society. It is a method of interpreting and adapting the teachings of Islamic law to the realities of modern life while still preserving its core values and principles. Fiqh mu’asarah seeks to balance the traditional understanding of Islamic law with the needs and conditions of contemporary society and to find solutions to current problems within the framework of Islamic legal principles.

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Assignment Task 2: Discuss the concept of ijtihad and fatwa.

Ijtihad is an Arabic term that refers to independent reasoning or interpretation of Islamic law. It involves using one’s own critical reasoning to derive legal rulings from Islamic scriptures, rather than relying solely on traditional interpretation or consensus.

Fatwa is a legal opinion or verdict issued by an Islamic scholar, often in response to a specific question or issue. It is considered a form of ijtihad, as the scholar must use their own interpretation of Islamic law to issue a ruling. Fatwas can range from purely religious matters to more practical issues such as finance or business dealings.

It’s important to note that fatwas are not binding in a legal sense, but they carry significant weight and influence in many Islamic communities. The authority of a fatwa is determined by the qualifications and reputation of the issuing scholar.

Assignment Task 3: Analyze scholars’ views in solving contemporary issues.

The views of scholars on solving contemporary issues can vary greatly depending on their field of expertise and personal beliefs. However, some common approaches include:

  1. Evidence-based solutions: Scholars from fields such as economics, science, and medicine often advocate for data-driven solutions to contemporary issues. They believe in using scientific research and analysis to inform policy decisions and inform the development of new technologies.
  2. Interdisciplinary approaches: Scholars in fields such as sociology, psychology, and environmental science often call for interdisciplinary approaches to solve contemporary issues. They believe that complex issues require a range of perspectives and expertise to be fully understood and addressed.
  3. Human-centered solutions: Scholars from fields such as philosophy, ethics, and human rights often emphasize the importance of considering the human impact of contemporary issues and developing solutions that prioritize the well-being of people.
  4. Systems thinking: Scholars from fields such as systems science, engineering, and public policy often focus on the systemic causes of contemporary issues and seek to design and implement solutions that address these underlying systems.

Ultimately, the views of scholars on solving contemporary issues are shaped by their academic training, personal experiences, and political and cultural beliefs. Effective solutions to complex problems typically require a combination of approaches and perspectives.

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