IMU256 Islamic Financial System UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMU256 Islamic Financial System is a course that provides crucial insight into the world of Islamic finance. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the ethical standards and philosophy applied in this system, as well as its legal foundations, various practices, and implications of Sukuk and musharaka (partnership) as approaches to investment.

Through real-world case studies, lectures, and class discussions, students will get acquainted with traditional Islamic banking services including deposit accounts, web banking, and savings accounts. Discover the ways by which onerous activities can be mitigated and capital allocation principles can be established. Become an expert in this field so you can understand financial decisions made within the Islamic framework.

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In the following section, we will be outlining several assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Explain the theoretical aspects of the Islamic financial system and environment.

The Islamic financial system and environment are crafted on the vision of an ethical and Halal form of finance. This system applies a parallel legal framework based on Sharia’a values to create a rigorous yet equitable form of risk management, life insurance, and savings vehicles. Within this framework, Islamic finance emphasizes an emphasis on corporate responsibility, limits excessive profits in banking services, promotes investment into both conventional and ethically conscious asset classes, as well as reduces poverty through mutual benefit services.

Additionally, the concept of Riba is more narrowly defined within the Islamic culture in order to perfectly align with their religious virtues. It advocates a more financially prudent approach by allowing for investment but strictly prohibiting speculation and any form of gambling activities. Consequently, this results in socially-conscious investments that are held to higher financial standards compared to conventional forms of finance.

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Assignment Brief 2: Assess the roles and functions of Islamic financial intermediaries and Non-Bank Financial Institutions.

Islamic financial intermediaries (IFIs) play a key role in the modern Islamic finance industry, providing financial services and solutions to both businesses and individuals. Similarly, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) offer an alternative to traditional banking facilities. Through such firms, investors have access to a wider range of deposit products than those offered through traditional banking channels. Both IFIs and NBFIs are typically more creative in their approach when structuring financial solutions, enabling them to accommodate customer needs with greater ease than standard lenders may provide.

Furthermore, they often come with flexible repayment options and competitive rates to incentivize investments. Their services are increasingly sought-after with customers looking for more tailored services compared to those offered by more traditional institutions.

Assignment Brief 3: Study the contemporary issues related to the development of the Islamic financial system in Malaysia.

Malaysia is leading the world when it comes to the development of Islamic financial products and services. Its commitment to offering its citizens access to financial products that comply with Sharia Law principles sets an inspiring example for other nations. As part of its efforts, Malaysia has implemented a central shariah board that provides guidance and direction on what constitutes acceptable Islamic practice within the banking sector.

This unique level of oversight has resulted in innovative products such as Islamic bonds, sukuk, and a wide range of other Islamic finance-related instruments that are tailored to meet customer needs while remaining compliant with religious standards. It is anticipated that this ongoing research and development into Islamic finance solutions will continue to promote economic growth both in Malaysia and abroad, as well as aiding financial inclusion for Muslim populations.

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