HTH668 Hospitality Strategic Management Assignment Sample Malaysia

HTH668 Hospitality Strategic Management is an exciting and challenging course designed to help those in the hospitality industry gain a better understanding of business management and how it relates to their field. The course will cover topics such as strategic planning, analytics, marketing, and leadership within the hospitality context.

Students will gain insight into how to apply concepts such as budgeting, risk management, customer service, and problem-solving skills in order to make sound decisions for their organizations. This highly respected class will emphasize both theoretical concepts, as well as practical applications for students to best, prepare them for success in the hospitality industry.

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Assignment Activity 1: Distinguish the different perspectives, tools, and techniques used in hospitality strategic management.

Strategic management is an essential concept in the hospitality industry and comes with a number of key perspectives, tools, and techniques. It involves thoroughly analyzing multiple aspects of a business’s operations to determine how it can reach its full potential. Depending on individual objectives, hospitality strategic management could include market research to identify customer needs and preferences, analysis of financial data to inform decisions around investments or marketing campaigns, or exploration of operational processes to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel involved is another important consideration that may require testing competencies and technological know-how. The combination of goals, resources, capabilities, and strategies should then be carefully blended together in order to develop effective strategies suitable for each hotel’s specific context.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate managerial skills by using strategic management tools applicable to various hospitality firms’ situations.

Strategic management is a key skill for hospitality managers, as it enables them to develop a direction and plan of action for their organizations. Strategic management tools are invaluable resources that provide the framework to maximize business opportunities and remain competitive in any industry. From analyzing current operations and setting objectives to creating corporate-level strategies, these tools offer everything necessary to evaluate, improve, and monitor sustainability within a hospitality firm’s situation.

Moreover, they can also be used to confront external markets, identify customer needs, and delineate proactive tactics that respond to the changing economic environment. By utilizing strategic management practices and applying them with effective managerial skills, hospitality firms can build up sustainable operations for long-term success.

Assignment Activity 3: Display a range of effective leadership skills in hospitality strategic management.

Strategic management in the hospitality field is a complex and multifaceted process, and effective leadership is essential for its successful execution. Leaders in hospitality need to be able to develop clear strategies that leverage their expertise and resources with market opportunities. They also need to have strong communication skills so that they can effectively articulate their strategies, both internally and externally.

Additionally, good decision-making skills are necessary when evaluating opportunities that may have a significant impact on the success of the organization. Moreover, having exemplary organizational skills will ensure tasks are completed on time and resources are utilized efficiently.

Ultimately, great leaders in hospitality strategic management possess a combination of business acumen, interpersonal finesse, technical expertise, and cognitive agility which demonstrates their ability to lead teams efficiently while providing optimal guest experiences.

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