FIN379 Introduction to futures and options assignment example UiTM Malaysia

In this assignment, you will be using a futures and options example to explain how the concepts of time horizon, expiration date, and the exercise price can be used to predict future prices. In particular, you will use the information in your example to make a forecast for two different dates: September 15th and November 6th. 

In this assignment, you will be working on a future and options assignment for UiTM Malaysia. The assigned task is to develop a model of the pricing behaviour of an option under two different scenarios: A first scenario where the price of the underlying security falls short due to unexpected demand from members (strike prices), while in another case where there is no strike price available at all (no-price premium). You will also have to supply your assumptions about how people would behave when faced with these scenarios.

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Finest unpaid FIN379 Introduction to futures and options assignment example UiTM Malaysia

This free example is about a Finest unpaid FIN379 Introduction to futures and options assignment UiTM Malaysia. This will be discussing the importance of options, futures markets, and how they can help businesses make efficient decisions.

Assignment Task 1: Determine the various types of futures and options in the Malaysian derivatives market.

The derivatives market in Malaysia is a complex and rapidly growing area with several opportunities for investors. futures contracts offer the opportunity to purchase or sell products at specific prices in future periods, which can be very useful when trying to anticipate price movements of various types of assets. Options are also an important type of derivative product, as they allow investors the right but not the obligation to buy or sell certain Futures Contracts at any particular point in time. Options give traders the ability to speculate on future movements by buying and selling options (at fixed prices) up until their exercise date, usually within a certain period after expiration.

There are a variety of futures and options in the Malaysian derivatives market. Some examples include interest-rate swaps, loss equalization contracts, foreign Exchange Contracts (FECs), and commodity futures contracts.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate information management and retrieval through group work on issues related to futures and options trading.

Group work is an effective way to manage and retrieve information. By working together, we can share ideas, strategies, and insights about future issues and options trading in a safe environment. To be successful with group work, it is important that everyone understands the objectives of the group project and agrees on specific tasks or goals. Additionally, all members should have access to any resources necessary for completing the task at hand; this includes computers or software that will support the team’s research efforts.

To effectively manage and retrieve information, it is important to understand the different aspects of futures and options trading. Issues related to this type of investment can be found in a variety of fields (finance, business, economics, social sciences), so group work is an excellent way to learn about these topics. By working together as a team, we can better understand how information might be used to make successful profits or losses on future investments.

Assignment Task 3: Formulate good investment decisions through the use of futures and options trading strategies.

When it comes to good investment decisions, one of the most important things you can do is use future and option trading strategies. This way, you’ll be able to make smart financial choices that will benefit your long-term goals. options are contracts that allow investors the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a security at a set time in the future. In other words, they give people an opportunity to speculate on what might happen with a particular asset—a great way for people who aren’t experienced traders to learn about markets and their potential effects on prices.

Futures trading is a type of financial market where investors buy and sell securities with the hope of achieving future profits. It allows traders to speculate on the movements of markets by purchasing or selling short-term investments in futures contracts that expire within specific dates, usually two years from now. Options are transactions in which an investor sells particular security for another security with the understanding that if the price for either Security falls below a certain point at any given moment, then he will have been able to purchase it at a lower price and make money.

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