FET338 Time-Based Media & Technique: Space UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

FET338 Time-Based Media & Technique: Space is likely a course offered by a college or university, though without more context it is difficult to provide a more specific answer. The course likely focuses on the use of time-based media, such as video and animation, in the context of space-related topics. This could include topics such as the representation of space in film and television, the use of time-based media in space exploration and research, and the relationship between time and space in various cultural and artistic contexts.

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Assignment Brief 1: Identify the fundamental knowledge of ‘element of space’ through the understanding of time based media history, media, material and technique in the fine art discipline.

The fundamental knowledge of “element of space” in fine art refers to the use of physical space as a critical component of a work of art. This can be achieved through an understanding of time-based media history, media, material and technique. In time-based media art, the element of space can be manipulated through the use of sound, video, performance and other technological means to create immersive experiences. 

The use of materials such as sculpture, installation, and other three-dimensional forms can also enhance the physical presence of a work of art in space. The techniques used to manipulate space, such as perspective, can also impact the way the audience experiences and interacts with the artwork. In fine art, the element of space is a fundamental aspect that artists consider when creating a work, and its manipulation can greatly affect the meaning and impact of the art.

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Assignment Brief 2: Choose systematically through ‘element of space’ understanding in producing the set of visual development and artwork using appropriate time based media, material and technique in fine art discipline.

To produce visual development and artwork in fine art discipline, one should choose the elements of space systematically and use appropriate time-based media, materials, and techniques. This includes considering the placement and arrangement of objects, the use of light and color, and the use of texture, line, and form to create depth and dimension. The choice of materials and techniques should align with the concept or theme of the artwork, and should be executed with skill and intention.

Assignment Brief 3: Display using appropriate digital skills from the previous artwork’s experience for final project through the application of form, media, material and technique in the time based media discipline.

In order to apply appropriate digital skills to a final project in the time-based media discipline, you can consider using a combination of form, media, material, and technique.

Form: Consider the overall structure and organization of the artwork, such as the use of narrative, sequence, and spatial relationships.

Media: Utilize digital tools and software that are appropriate for the project, such as animation, video editing, and audio software.

Material: Think about the physical elements you will use, such as animation techniques, 2D or 3D graphics, and special effects.

Technique: Refine your skills in using the digital tools and software, such as learning new animation techniques, compositing, and sound design.

By considering these elements and utilizing your previous experience and knowledge, you can create a final project that showcases your digital skills and demonstrates your mastery of form, media, material, and technique in the time-based media discipline.

Assignment Task 4: Discuss the discipline phenomena for managing the information in the time based media discipline by communicate orally about portfolio development and communicate writtenly using systematic writing report (research process and artworks development).

In the field of time-based media, effective management of information is crucial in the portfolio development and communication process. The discipline requires both oral and written communication skills to effectively convey information about the development of portfolios and research processes.

Oral communication, such as presentations or face-to-face meetings, can be used to share progress updates and collaborate with others on the development of portfolios. This form of communication allows for immediate feedback and discussion, making it easier to resolve any issues that may arise.

Written communication, such as systematic writing reports, is also an important aspect of the discipline. This type of communication allows for a clear and organized presentation of information, including the research process and development of artworks. A well-structured written report can also provide a permanent record of the process, allowing for easy reference in the future.

In conclusion, both oral and written communication are important in the time-based media discipline for managing information in portfolio development and research processes. Utilizing these skills effectively can lead to more efficient and effective communication, and ultimately contribute to the success of the project.

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