CSC415 Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving Assignment Example UITM Malaysia

CSC415- Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

A course that will help you solve any problem imaginable and do it all with the power of computers. Students will learn how to identify what kind of problem they’re facing.

The assignment sample then explains different methods for solving these problems. There are many techniques involved in computer-based puzzle solving, but this introduction focuses on structured programming as an approach to analyzing your situation and making decisions about which technique is best suited for your needs – we’ve got a wide selection from basic arithmetic functions up through more advanced mathematical concepts like binary numbers or probability theory if that sounds interesting.

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Assignment Solutions of CSC415 Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of computer problem solving

The fundamentals of computer problem solving can be boiled down to the following steps.

  1.  Identify and articulate the problem you are trying to solve
  2. Given that there is more than one solution, articulate the desired outcome for each possible solution – In other words, it’s important to know what kind of end goal you want in mind before deciding on a specific path forward.
  3. Given two solutions (desired outcomes), which one presents less risk? More value? Is less effort relative to reward?
  4. a) If both solutions result in outcomes with similar risk factors or values then      make a decision based purely on preference
    b) Otherwise continue using this method until an acceptable answer is found.

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Assignment Activity 2: Construct algorithmic solution according to a given problem

This assignment sample shows the stepwise algorithm solutions to a given problem:

  1. Analyze the problem- It’s mandatory to have a clear vision of the specific task you wish to solve or the task you want it to accomplish. You can’t begin solving problems if you don’t know what actually they are.
  2. Decide the initiation point- It’s very difficult to decide from where to start and from where to end, which is the crucial one, try to answers the following questions:- What type of data is present? Where the data is placed? What rules to apply with the given data? How are the values of data interrelated?
  3. Decide the ending point- As we have decided the starting point we also have to determine the ending point by following these steps:- Changes coming from start to end? What must be added and what must be subtracted?
  4. Think about how each step is going to be achieved- As we prepare our stepwise plan, it’s important to consider the coding aspect of each individual task. The language you should use, resources available for that function, and identifying a robust way in which to accomplish this goal are three essential aspects every good programmer will take into account when creating an application or script.
  5. Reviews algorithm- As we are finished with the algorithm it is important to review it so try to answers the questions: Does the algorithm able to solve the task? Does the algorithm have clear input and output? Does the algorithm able to give the right output?

Assignment Activity 3: Perform autonomous learning related to computer problem-solving task

This assignment example will explain autonomous learning related to computer problem-solving tasks. The ultimate goal of most autonomous systems is to perform a specific task without human intervention. Most modern sensors embedded in the world (whether it be a computer, smartphone, or vehicle) have them connected wirelessly to the internet and are available for remote access at any time. Researchers are coming up with new ways of using autonomous intelligence that will eventually bypass human intelligence as means of labor by ‘putting people out of work.’

Today we’ve taken an arsenal of technologies and combined them into one process for intrusion prevention, monitoring – all available remotely from anywhere on the globe no matter what device you’re utilizing; this idea can also be achieved by implementing sensor networks so surveillance could be obtained over huge distances in rural areas.

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The above assignment is based on  CSC415- Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving.

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