CRG650 Business Ethics And Corporate Governance Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This course provides a profound understanding of the underlying ethical theories and philosophies, and values in individual settings as well as organizational professional engagements. The focus will be on practical development skills needed through the application of relevant knowledge to deal with ever-changing issues that arise out there from within this curriculum thus enabling one to learn how best practice corporate governance can help them navigate many different types of situations without floundering or making poor decisions due simply lack of understanding of ethics.

This curriculum is also designed to develop students’ ability to recognize ethical issues when they arise and have sufficient knowledge to apply various ethical principles to help resolve those dilemmas. These skills are critical not only for future success in the business world but also in personal life since ethical values must always be taken into consideration in any decision made, whether personal or professional. Some topics that will be covered include:

  • The various ethical theories and how they can be applied to different situations.
  • How to identify potential ethical issues in both personal and professional settings.
  • The importance of corporate governance in today’s business world.
  • How to make decisions based on ethical principles rather than personal gain or profit motive.

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Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate ethics and professionalism in tasks related to Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

The best way to demonstrate ethics and professionalism in tasks related to business ethics and corporate governance is to first understand the basics of these topics. Once you have a strong understanding of the concepts, it is important to apply them in your work.

One key part of being ethical and professional in your work is to always act with integrity. This means being honest and truthful in your dealings with others, as well as using good judgment when making decisions. Additionally, it is important to be respectful of others, including coworkers, clients, and suppliers.

Being ethical and professional also includes following the rules and regulations that are set for your industry or company. This includes abiding by the company’s code of conduct, as well as any applicable laws or regulations. Additionally, it is important to avoid conflicts of interest in your work.

Following these guidelines will help you to demonstrate ethics and professionalism in your work related to business ethics and corporate governance.

Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate leadership skills in tasks related to Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 

There are many ways to demonstrate leadership skills in tasks related to Business Ethics and Corporate Governance.

One way is to show initiative in tackling difficult ethical problems that arise in the course of business.

Another is to thoughtfully consider the potential consequences of different courses of action and exercise sound judgment in making decisions.

Additionally, effective leaders in this domain must be able to communicate their vision for ethical conduct within the organization and inspire others to buy into and implement these values.

Finally, leaders in Business Ethics and Corporate Governance need to be able to hold people accountable for their actions, including taking disciplinary action when necessary. By exhibiting these qualities, you can demonstrate your leadership skills in this important area of business.

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Assignment Activity 3: Evaluate the ethical impact of decisions in the best interest of stakeholders in tasks related to Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

There are a few key things to keep in mind when making decisions that will impact stakeholders in business ethics and corporate governance context. First, it’s important to remember that the interests of different stakeholders can often conflict with one another. For example, the interests of shareholders may conflict with the interests of employees, or the interests of customers may conflict with the interests of shareholders.

When making decisions, it’s important to consider all stakeholders and their potential impacts. It’s also important to think about how each decision will be evaluated by different groups of stakeholders. For example, a decision that increases profits for shareholders may be seen as a success, while a decision that benefits employees but decreases profits may be seen as a failure.

It’s also important to think about the long-term impacts of decisions. For example, a decision that may be good for shareholders in the short term but bad for employees in the long term may not be the best decision for the company overall.

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