ADS656 Seminar In Public Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ADS656 Seminar In Public Management course is an advanced seminar exploring new strategies and approaches for leading public management initiatives. It provides an opportunity to explore and apply the latest theories, frameworks, and concepts related to public management. Through a variety of interactive activities and engaging discussions, students can study and evaluate various case scenarios, current event topics, research projects, government policies, and processes.

This seminar also offers valuable insight from a wide array of experts in the field who bring with them experiences from their respective domains. The course presents a chance for learners to further delve into the fundamental principles guiding public administration and apply new strategies in solving complex issues within the organizational infrastructure.

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In this section, we have assembled a few assignment briefs for you to consider. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Demonstrate integrity in identifying issues and challenges in the management of public organizations.

Effective management of public organizations requires great care, responsibility and commitment to ethical principles. It is important for individuals involved in managing these types of organizations to demonstrate integrity when identifying issues and challenges. This means taking ownership of ethical decisions that affect the well-being of the organization, its personnel and public stakeholders. When demonstrating integrity in such a manner, it is also necessary to remain transparent and ensure that any information or data being disclosed is accurate and truthful.

Additionally, managers should aim to understand their roles as executives or leaders within their organizations and use this understanding to leverage proactive solutions to the issues they are facing. By doing so, managers can create an atmosphere where trust lies at the root of all decisions taken within their organization.

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Assignment Brief 2: Analyse various concepts and approaches to conventional public management and the New Public Management.

Public management has evolved significantly over the last few decades, moving from the traditional methods which focused heavily on bureaucratic procedures to newer approaches that emphasize the need for better public accountability and efficiency. Conventional public management entails centralized control in the form of rules, regulations, and hierarchical structures driven by authority and compliance. This is contrasted by New Public Management (NPM), which emphasizes performance-based outcomes and reduced costs through decentralization using market principles and services.

In comparison to conventional public management, NPM adopted a more customer-oriented approach that encompasses strategic planning, inter-organizational collaboration, evaluation of policies, budgeting reforms, and experimentation with new forms of governance. Despite initial criticism concerning its ability to produce a significant change in an increasingly complex world, NPM remains an innovative avenue for promoting improved public management practices.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate self-directed learning in identifying issues and challenges in the management of Malaysian public organizations.

Self-directed learning is an important skill in the management of Malaysian public organizations. One effective way to learn is by using data and technological solutions such as analytics and AI to identify issues quickly and accurately. As the amount of data grows, it is important to gain insight into the current environment while also investigating areas where performance can be improved.

Conducting audits or surveys within the organization are excellent ways to get feedback on any potential problems that need attention and determine whether further research is required. By staying informed with current best practices, management staff within Malaysian public organizations can ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to be effective decision-makers in their respective roles.

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