ADS509 Malaysian Premiership Studies UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ADS509 Malaysian Premiership Studies course offered by Open University Malaysia is the ideal program for students looking to specialize in the area of sports management, particularly in relation to top-level football. This course covers the fundamentals of business and management within a sporting context, with a particular focus on the major aspects of Malaysia’s football governance, from corporate sustainability to fan engagement.

Participants will have exposure to both theoretical and practical components in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. A semester-long seminar also allows attendees to share their experiences and exchange ideas with other like-minded individuals. With this program, you’ll become a qualified professional able to contribute significantly to the development of football-related businesses back home.

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Below, we have outlined and detailed some assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the power and the responsibility of the Prime Minister, the effectiveness of the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister`s Leadership style.

The Prime Minister of Canada is the head of government and has executive authority across the country. As such, this individual wields considerable power and is expected to bear a wealth of responsibility. To be effective in this role, the Prime Minister must exercise leadership with sound judgment and guile. This often involves displaying sound critical thinking, holding up moral principles, inspiring confidence in others, and having the courage to make unpopular decisions when needed. How well these qualities are demonstrated often dictates how successful the Prime Minister is in their duties. Through dynamic and visionary leadership that exhibits good judgment, a Canadian Prime Minister can generate long-term stability and influence during their tenure.

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Assignment Task 2: Communicate verbally with team members in discussing the contributions and challenges faced by a particular Prime Minister.

It is paramount that effective communication between team members should be established in order to ensure successful discussion and analysis of the contributions and challenges faced by a particular Prime Minister. It is important to maintain an open and polite demeanor when expressing thoughts and ideas in order to generate meaningful conversation. Each opinion, regardless of whether it varies from another person’s, should be maintained with respect for everyone involved.

Furthermore, communication should not be one-sided. Each team member should be given an equal opportunity to share their insights so that a balanced evaluation of the situation can occur. By calibrating our dialogue in this manner, we can work together to discover the accomplishments achieved by our prime minister while also objectively examining any difficulties they may have encountered during their time in office.

Assignment Task 3: Elaborate on the contributions and challenges faced by Prime Minister in Malaysia.

Malaysian Prime Ministers have highly influential roles when it comes to the country’s economic, social and political decision-making. As the head of government and leader of majority ruling coalition parties, they are responsible for setting national policies and strategies, promoting reforms in government procedures, and ensuring sustainable development across departments. This can be a challenging role, as the Prime Minister must build consensus among its citizens while managing fragile relationships within the ruling coalition.

On top of that, Malaysia is faced with increasing pressures from global forces such as climate change, cyber security threats and pandemics which further complicate matters. Looking ahead, the Prime Minister needs to create a vision for Malaysia’s future by leveraging talents beyond their political party affiliations. Ultimately with such concerted efforts under the leadership of an engaged Prime Minister, Malaysia can overcome its challenges while maintaining its position among regional powers within Southeast Asia.

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