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CEG452 Engineering Survey is a course offered by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) that focuses on the principles and techniques of land surveying and mapping. As a fundamental course in civil engineering, it provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct topographic surveys, lay out construction sites, and perform geodetic computations.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the different surveying instruments and their applications, including total stations and global positioning systems (GPS). They will also gain an understanding of surveying measurements, error analysis, and adjustment techniques.

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Below, we will discuss some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Apply engineering survey theories and fundamentals to solve civil engineering survey problems.

Civil engineering surveying involves the use of various surveying techniques and instruments to gather and analyze data related to the design, construction, and maintenance of civil engineering projects. Here are some fundamental theories and techniques that can be applied to solve civil engineering survey problems:

  1. Trigonometry: Trigonometry is the study of the relationships between the angles and sides of triangles. In surveying, trigonometry is used to calculate distances, heights, and angles of elevation and depression. Trigonometry can also be used to determine the coordinates of points on a plane.
  2. Leveling: Levelling is the process of measuring vertical heights and distances using a leveling instrument such as a level or a theodolite. It is used to determine the elevations of points on the ground relative to a reference datum and to establish height differences between points.
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS is a satellite-based positioning system that can provide accurate location information in real-time. It is widely used in surveying to determine the coordinates of points on the ground and to measure distances and angles.
  4. Total Station: A total station is a surveying instrument that integrates the functions of a theodolite and a distance meter. It can measure angles and distances and can be used to determine the coordinates of points on the ground.
  5. Surveying Calculations: Surveying calculations involve the use of mathematical formulas and equations to analyze survey data and solve problems. Examples of surveying calculations include traverse calculations, intersection calculations, and resection calculations.

To apply these theories and techniques to solve civil engineering survey problems, one must have a thorough understanding of the principles and limitations of each technique, as well as the ability to use surveying instruments and perform surveying calculations accurately. Additionally, knowledge of surveying standards and regulations, such as those set by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), is essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of surveying data.

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Assignment Brief 2: Use appropriate survey techniques, resources and modern survey equipment in civil engineering survey works.

In civil engineering survey works, the use of appropriate survey techniques, resources, and modern survey equipment is essential to ensure accurate and reliable data collection. Below are some techniques and equipment commonly used in civil engineering survey works:

  1. Total Station: A total station is an electronic theodolite equipped with an electronic distance meter (EDM). It is used to measure angles and distances to determine the coordinates of points on the ground. Total stations can be used for a variety of surveying tasks, including topographic surveys, construction staking, and boundary surveys.
  2. Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides accurate location and time information. GPS receivers can be used to determine the coordinates of points on the ground with high precision, making them ideal for large-scale surveying projects.
  3. Laser Scanners: Laser scanners use laser technology to capture 3D data of the environment. They can be used to create accurate and detailed models of buildings, terrain, and other structures.
  4. Drones: Drones equipped with cameras or laser scanners can be used to capture aerial images and 3D data of the survey area. This technology is particularly useful for large-scale surveys or in areas that are difficult to access.
  5. Leveling instruments: These are used to measure height differences between points on the ground. They are commonly used in construction projects to ensure that structures are level and to create accurate elevation maps.
  6. Theodolites: These are optical instruments used to measure angles in horizontal and vertical planes. They are commonly used for surveying tasks such as measuring angles and distances between points.

In addition to the above equipment, appropriate survey techniques and resources should also be employed to ensure accurate data collection. These include:

  1. Proper planning: Before starting a survey, it is important to plan the survey carefully. This includes determining the survey objectives, selecting the appropriate equipment and techniques, and identifying potential sources of error.
  2. Field procedures: Proper field procedures should be followed during the survey, including ensuring that the equipment is set up correctly and that measurements are taken under appropriate weather conditions.
  3. Data management: Collected data should be managed properly to ensure that it is accurate and reliable. This includes properly labeling and storing data, as well as regularly checking for errors and inconsistencies.
  4. Quality control: Quality control procedures should be implemented throughout the survey process to ensure that the collected data meets the required standards. This includes regular checks of the equipment, procedures, and data.

Assignment brief 3: Present civil engineering survey works through written reports.

Civil engineering survey works typically involve the collection and analysis of data related to the physical and natural features of a particular site, as well as the surrounding area. This data is then used to inform the design and construction of various civil engineering projects, such as buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Written reports are a critical component of civil engineering survey works, as they allow engineers to communicate the results of their investigations to stakeholders, including clients, government agencies, and other interested parties. These reports typically include a range of information, such as site plans, maps, and other visual aids, as well as detailed descriptions of the site’s geology, topography, soil characteristics, and other relevant factors.

In addition to providing a detailed description of the site and its features, civil engineering survey reports may also include recommendations for the design and construction of various infrastructure elements, such as foundations, drainage systems, and retaining walls. These recommendations are typically based on a thorough analysis of the site’s physical characteristics and the engineering principles that are relevant to the project at hand.

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