BSR307 Building Maintenance II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSR307 Building Maintenance II course at UITM is a core course for the Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (BQS) program and provides students with an overview of various aspects related to building maintenance. In this module, students will learn about the importance of preventive maintenance as well as corrective and reactive maintenance activities in buildings. The topics covered in this course include the preparation of maintenance plans, inspections and testing, risk management, fire safety, energy efficiency and other related building-related activities.

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Here, we’ll be exploring various assignment activities including:

Assignment Activity 1: Interpret the principles of maintenance with relation to organizational structure, maintenance policy, maintenance standard, maintenance planning & programme, maintenance strategy and financing/ budgetary control in the widest context.

Maintenance is an important aspect of any organization as it ensures the proper functioning and longevity of equipment and assets. In order to effectively maintain these assets, there are several principles that need to be considered in relation to organizational structure, maintenance policy, maintenance standard, maintenance planning and program, maintenance strategy, and financing/budgetary control.

  1. Organizational Structure: The maintenance function should be structured in a way that ensures it is integrated with other business functions such as operations, engineering, and procurement. This allows for collaboration and coordination among different departments to ensure maintenance is effectively carried out.
  2. Maintenance Policy: The maintenance policy should be clear and well-defined to ensure consistency in maintenance practices. The policy should include guidelines on the types of maintenance to be carried out, the frequency of maintenance, and the roles and responsibilities of the maintenance team.
  3. Maintenance Standards: Maintenance standards should be established to ensure that equipment is maintained to a certain level of quality. These standards should include guidelines on maintenance procedures, safety measures, and quality control measures.
  4. Maintenance Planning and Program: Maintenance planning involves the development of a schedule for maintenance activities based on the needs of the organization. The maintenance program should be designed to optimize the performance of the equipment while minimizing downtime.
  5. Maintenance Strategy: The maintenance strategy should be aligned with the organization’s overall business strategy. The strategy should consider factors such as the type of equipment, the criticality of the equipment to the organization’s operations, and the resources available for maintenance.
  6. Financing/Budgetary Control: Effective financing and budgetary control are crucial to ensure that the maintenance function is adequately funded. The budget should include costs for equipment maintenance, spare parts, and labor costs. The maintenance team should also ensure that they are utilizing resources efficiently and effectively.

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Assignment Activity 2: Organise the maintenance needs of the information and record system including before, during and after execution of maintenance work.

Organizing the maintenance needs of an information and record system is critical to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively. Here is an overview of the maintenance needs of an information and record system before, during, and after the execution of maintenance work:

Before Maintenance Work:

  1. Identify the maintenance requirements of the system, including the specific components or areas that require maintenance.
  2. Create a maintenance plan, outlining the schedule, scope, and objectives of the maintenance work.
  3. Notify relevant personnel, such as system administrators, IT staff, or other stakeholders, about the maintenance work and any potential impacts on system operations.
  4. Back up all critical data and information to ensure that it is not lost during maintenance work.
  5. Test the system and identify any potential issues or problems that may require attention during maintenance work.

During Maintenance Work:

  1. Follow the maintenance plan to ensure that all maintenance work is carried out according to the schedule, scope, and objectives outlined in the plan.
  2. Monitor system performance and identify any issues or problems that may arise during maintenance work.
  3. Document all maintenance work, including any changes made to the system, to ensure that there is a clear record of all maintenance activities.

After Maintenance Work:

  1. Test the system to ensure that it is operating correctly and that all maintenance work has been completed successfully.
  2. Verify that all data and information have been restored to the system and that there are no missing or corrupted files.
  3. Update system documentation to reflect any changes or updates made during maintenance work.
  4. Notify relevant personnel that maintenance work has been completed and that the system is ready for use.

By following these steps, you can organize the maintenance needs of an information and record system and ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively at all times.

Assignment Activity 3: Prepare the procurement practices in building maintenance.

Procurement practices in building maintenance refer to the process of acquiring goods and services required for the upkeep and maintenance of a building. The following are some essential steps that should be followed to ensure effective procurement practices in building maintenance:

  1. Needs assessment: The first step in procurement is to conduct a needs assessment to determine the goods and services required for building maintenance. This may include equipment, materials, and services such as cleaning, landscaping, and repair work.
  2. Planning and budgeting: Once the needs assessment is complete, it is essential to develop a procurement plan and budget. This should outline the required goods and services, their estimated cost, and the timeline for procurement.
  3. Supplier selection: Choosing the right suppliers is critical for effective procurement. It is essential to evaluate potential suppliers based on their quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Contract negotiation: Negotiating contracts with suppliers is an essential part of procurement. Contracts should clearly outline the goods and services to be provided, the delivery schedule, pricing, payment terms, and any warranties or guarantees.
  5. Procurement management: Once contracts are in place, it is essential to manage the procurement process effectively. This involves tracking orders, managing delivery schedules, and ensuring that all goods and services meet the required standards.
  6. Performance monitoring: Regular monitoring of supplier performance is essential to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations. This includes tracking delivery schedules, quality of goods and services, and adherence to safety and environmental standards.
  7. Record-keeping: Accurate record-keeping is essential for procurement practices in building maintenance. This includes keeping records of all procurement transactions, supplier contracts, and performance monitoring.

By following these procurement practices, building maintenance teams can ensure that they acquire the necessary goods and services to keep their buildings in optimal condition, while also ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance with safety and environmental standards.

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