BSR153 Technical Drawing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSR153 Technical Drawing course provides an introduction to the essential skills required for producing technical drawings. It covers topics such as orthographic projection, isometric drawing, and descriptive geometry. The course will also explore the use of CAD systems to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. By the end of this course, students will have a clear understanding of how to read, interpret and create technical drawings.

They will also be familiar with the principles of graphical communication, engineering tolerances, and drawing conventions used in the industry. This course is suitable for anyone who needs a comprehensive understanding of technical drawing, from engineers to architects to technicians. The knowledge gained in this course can be applied to any field that involves creating technical drawings.

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Here, we will discuss some assigned tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Display knowledge in technical drawing for understanding on building elements.

Technical drawing is a crucial aspect of construction and building design, as it provides a visual representation of building elements that builders, architects, and engineers use to plan, construct and maintain buildings. Here are some of the essential building elements that are commonly depicted in technical drawings:

  1. Floor plans: Floor plans are two-dimensional drawings that show the layout of a building’s rooms, walls, doors, and windows. They provide an overhead view of the building’s interior spaces and are essential for determining the overall size and function of a building.
  2. Elevations: Elevations are two-dimensional drawings that show the exterior of a building. They depict the building’s façade, including the roofline, windows, doors, and other exterior features. Elevations provide a sense of the building’s scale and appearance and are useful for understanding how the building will look from the outside.
  3. Sections: Sections are two-dimensional drawings that show a cutaway view of a building. They are typically used to show the interior details of a building, such as the placement of plumbing and electrical systems, and can help builders and engineers understand how the different components of a building fit together.
  4. Details: Details are technical drawings that provide specific information about individual building elements, such as windows, doors, and structural components. They show how these elements are constructed and installed, and provide important information for builders and contractors.
  5. Schedules: Schedules are tables or lists that provide information about the materials and components used in a building. For example, a door schedule might list the type of door, its dimensions, and the hardware used to install it. Schedules help ensure that the correct materials are used in construction and that they are installed properly.

Technical drawing is a critical part of building design and construction. It provides a visual language that architects, engineers, and builders can use to communicate complex information about building elements, and ensures that buildings are constructed accurately and efficiently.

Assignment Task 2: Reproduce technical drawings according to standards and specifications.

To reproduce technical drawings according to standards and specifications, you should follow these steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the standards and specifications: Before beginning any work, make sure you are familiar with the relevant standards and specifications. These might include ISO standards, ANSI standards, or industry-specific standards.
  2. Obtain the necessary materials: You will need drafting paper, drafting pencils, rulers, compasses, and other drafting tools. Make sure your materials meet the requirements of the standards and specifications.
  3. Set up your workspace: Create a clean, well-lit workspace that is free from distractions. Make sure your drafting board is level, and that you have enough room to work comfortably.
  4. Study the original drawing: Carefully examine the original drawing to determine its scale, dimensions, and other important details.
  5. Create a rough sketch: Using your drafting tools, create a rough sketch of the drawing. Pay close attention to the scale and dimensions.
  6. Refine your sketch: Once you have a rough sketch, use your drafting tools to refine it. Pay attention to line weight, line type, and other important details.
  7. Verify the drawing: Once you have completed your drawing, verify it against the original to ensure that all dimensions, annotations, and other details are accurate.
  8. Make any necessary revisions: If you discover any errors or omissions in your drawing, make the necessary revisions.
  9. Finalize the drawing: Once you are satisfied with your drawing, finalize it by adding any necessary notes, title blocks, and other information.
  10. Check for compliance: Before submitting the drawing, make sure it complies with all relevant standards and specifications.

By following these steps, you can produce technical drawings that meet the required standards and specifications.

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