BQS664 Dissertation UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BQS664 Dissertation is an important course for doctoral students. Within this course, students receive meaningful support and guidance as they finalize the research needed to complete their dissertation. Through the completion of this course, learners will be better prepared to not only defend their dissertation but also to apply the skills they gain through the entire process in their careers.

This opportunity provides significant benefits which often cannot be received through traditional academic courses or on-the-job experiences. As such, BQS664 is an essential part of every student’s educational journey toward becoming a successful academic researcher and practitioner.

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Here, let us review some assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Practice independent research skills related to the construction industry.

Gaining knowledge and expertise in the construction industry requires an individual to be proactive in their research. If a person wishes to learn more about the various aspects of the construction industry, they can begin by researching on their own. There are many useful online resources, such as blogs or government websites, that offer detailed insights and data on different elements of the industry.

Taking advantage of these tools allows individuals to gain a better understanding of the concepts and trends in the construction industry. Additionally, attending conferences or workshops related to construction can provide invaluable insight into projects and other important issues within the industry. Individuals who take initiative towards acquiring additional knowledge related to construction will find themselves very equipped when opportunities arise.

Assignment Brief 2: Write a problem statement, research objectives, literature review and research design related to the research topics systematically and independently on an appropriate research topic or issue relevant to the construction industry.

Constructing a sound research proposal in the construction industry involves developing a thorough understanding of the topic or issue and synthesizing key critique points from established literature. In order to achieve this, one must first form a well-articulated problem statement, clearly defined research objectives, a broad but informed literature review on all pertinent material related to the chosen topic, and an applied research design that takes into account skillsets and resources available. This precise process allows for researchers to independently carry out sustained investigations which bring together contextual insight and data-driven analysis to determine methods of solving current industry issues.

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Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the research process through a well-structured final report.

Preparing a well-structured final report as a demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the research process is an essential exercise. It can help one to become better organized and more strategically focused when conducting research for future projects. A good report should include an outline of the objective, methodology and results which have been obtained through the research.

Furthermore, each component should be clearly discussed, with evidence featuring prominently in order to demonstrate that the findings are accurate and reliable. Engaging with external sources such as peers, professionals and industry experts can help widen the perspective on what the results may mean in a wider context. Ultimately, well-structured final reports are invaluable learning tools that outline key information in an understandable way that captivates readers.

Assignment Brief 4: Produce a systematic final report on the chosen research topic.

Final reports are essential components in any research process, as they provide a comprehensive summary of the results of a project. To ensure that all relevant facts, figures and conclusions are included, it is important to systematically compile a final report. It should start with an overview of the objectives and methods used during the research project, before moving on to detail the results.

Outlining any trends or patterns that have been identified should then come next, followed by a section on any implications for further research or policy changes. Finally, recommendations for action should be concluded, providing insight into how the outcomes could be used to address the initial research question or problem. This thorough approach will ensure all essential elements are present in the final report, making it both comprehensive and informative.

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