BQS454 Building Services I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

Taking BQS454 Building Services I is an opportunity for any student interested in the maintenance, refitting or construction of buildings. From plumbing and electrical to roofing, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the leading principles and techniques used in these industries.

In addition, students will gain real-world insight into effective building services applications through hands-on practice and field trips. With direct input from industry professionals and advanced technical activities, this course provides students with the skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of building services.

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In this section, we will offer some assignment activities for you to complete. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Assess the types, design, components, and material selection related to building services for building projects.

Building services are a critical component of any construction project, and the selection of types, designs, components and materials used has an impact on the overall success of the project. The types and design of building services must take into account potential aesthetic requirements while also ensuring they are compatible with the surrounding environment.

The types of services should also be selected based on expected usage or performance models and then customized to suit specific needs. Once this is completed, it is important to ensure that components meet applicable industry standards, while material choices should take into account cost-effectiveness, maintenance requirements, durability and overall service life expectancy. With all these factors taken into consideration during the selection process, building projects will have greater chances of success in the long run.

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Assignment Activity 2: Identify relevant information in determining various types of building services.

When determining the appropriate types of building services for a project, it is essential to identify all relevant information. This includes details such as the type and size of the building, its specified uses, budget restrictions, and any industry or safety standards that must be taken into account. Such information helps eliminate potential services that are unnecessary for the project, as well as guide decision-making about those that are needed.

The selection of building services should also consider maintenance requirements and viability throughout the lifecycle of the building. By appropriately identifying relevant information in this process, an optimized solution can be realized that balances functionality with cost efficiency.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate good presentation skills and team relations in presenting findings and ideas on building services for construction purposes.

When discussing building services for construction purposes, it is important to demonstrate strong presentation skills and a good understanding of how to collaborate. The ability to communicate confidently, share ideas, and respect other perspectives in the conversation is key in any successful team endeavor. To ensure effective communication and team relations, I try to ensure that everyone has a chance to express their opinion and is actively engaged in the discussion.

Additionally, presenting ideas and findings with visuals such as diagrams, charts or infographics can help make complex concepts easier to understand and can result in higher retention rates among all parties.

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