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The BGN324 Final Project Course is an outstanding opportunity for students to hone their research, organization, and problem-solving skills. Participants will be working on a real-world project where they can apply the knowledge gained from the course content and instructions. Throughout this course, students will draft a strategy to successfully complete their project and build essential collaboration, communication, writing, and presentation skills.

They will gain several practical and transferable skills that are applicable in many contexts beyond the classroom. Furthermore, there is ample opportunity to collaborate with peers and receive feedback which helps refine their skills even further. Overall, this course provides a unique experience that is both informative and immensely rewarding!

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Let us examine several assignment undertakings. These include:

Assignment Activity 1: Form the process of registration and formation of a construction company in the final project.

Forming a construction company requires patience and planning. Every business must abide by federal, state, and local regulations, as well as any industry standards or best practices. Additionally, the process of registration may include filing paperwork with the appropriate governmental offices for the formation of the business entity.

This will require the compilation of various documents prior to submitting them for review and approval. Lastly, ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect yourself and your company and that you are complying with all applicable laws. Taking the right steps upfront helps ensure a successful launch of your construction business in the future.

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Assignment Activity 2: Perform the process of tender, estimating, contract procurement, project planning, and site management in the final project.

To ensure the success of a project, it is essential to undertake the process of tendering, estimating, contract procurement, project planning, and site management. First, tendering involves inviting suppliers to submit offers for providing goods or services. It is key to review the submitted offers carefully and assess them against pre-defined criteria. Afterward, an estimated cost of the project should be created by setting out details including duration and labor required.

Following this process is the task of contract procurement which requires eligibility criteria for each suitable contractor and an evaluation procedure slightly different from those used for tendering process in order to determine a successful party. The next steps involve project planning in order to resolve technical variables and allocate resources such as money and personnel. Lastly, there should be regular inspection of the progress on site together with effective problem-solving strategies in case any issues arise during the construction phase.

Assignment Activity 3: To rearrange the social skill and responsibilities of a construction team in the final project.

As a construction team, properly allocating social skills and responsibilities within the final project is essential to completing it on time, under budget and to the required standard. Aligning individual roles with their strengths and capabilities as members of the team ensures tasks can be distributed efficiently. Meanwhile, having support mechanisms in place between different factions and crews will facilitate collaboration and provide opportunities for further growth.

Team Managerial levels can review common goals on a periodic basis to maintain awareness of objectives and development plans held by each part of the team. In sum, through balanced structure re-arrangement over social skills and responsibilities, greater productivity will be generated in any project endeavor set forth by the construction team.

Assignment Activity 4: Report verbally the project proposal of a construction design and build project in the final project.

At the final project, I will be presenting my proposal for a construction design and build project. This proposal has been carefully crafted to ensure that all safety protocols are up to date and that all of the necessary resources have been identified and accounted for. Additionally, I have done my due diligence to identify potential areas for cost savings opportunities so that the construction budget can be managed effectively.

My presentation will provide an overview of the entire development process from concept to completion, as well as detailed explanations of each step along the way. By the end of this demonstration, there should be a clear understanding of how we plan to move forward with this project in order to meet our client’s goals in an efficient and professional manner.

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