BGN273 Building Science And Environment UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN273 Building Science and Environment is an exciting course to explore the fundamentals of building science. It offers a unique opportunity to understand how buildings interact with their environment, including air, moisture, and energy transfer. Building materials will be discussed in detail, along with the various strategies that can be used to make a structure more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Participants will gain valuable insights into the construction process itself and the management of the effects of climate change on built environments. In this course, students will learn important principles of green building design and sustainable energy solutions. With direct experience gained through interactive class exercises, participants should be armed with the knowledge and skills needed for successful construction projects.

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In this session, we’ll be taking a look at the assignment tasks ahead. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the theories and characteristics of tropical climate in building science and environment.

Building science and the environment in tropical climates is an area of growing interest due to its unique characteristics. Tropical climates are typically characterized by high temperatures, high humidity, and intense rainfall throughout the year. As a result, building science and environmental engineering in these areas must take into account specialized construction techniques, such as increased wall thickness to reduce heat transfer and using air-conditioning or natural cooling systems.

Several theories exist to help understand how tropical climates affect building design, such as the Enhanced Thermal Efficiency Theory which acknowledges that direct solar radiation must be drastically reduced due to the climate’s intensity. It is clear that with appropriate research and analysis, engineers can learn how to use eastern philosophies such as sustainable development to reconcile local inhabitants’ needs with scientific prerequisites for safer buildings in tropical environments.

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Assignment Task 2: Justify the building design in accordance with Malaysian standards and requirements in building science and environment.

Malaysia has developed robust standards and requirements when it comes to designing buildings that are environment-friendly, safe, and comfortable for inhabitants. The building design has been improved over time to be in line with these performance criteria. To ensure adherence to these standards, operational systems have been implemented as well as theoretical approaches adopted by experienced building engineers in the country.

Malaysian standards and requirements of building science and environment are designed with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and quality of life—all three of which are integral components of a successful project. It is clear then why most builders strive to abide by such regulations so that their built works adhere to best practices that safeguard occupants’ wellbeing today and for years to come.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate effective communication on the impact of environmental variables on the building design in building science and environment.

Ensuring a quality building design for everyday life necessitates an understanding of the impacts of environmental variables. With effective communication strategies, architects, building scientists and engineers can come to a consensus on solutions to mitigate the effects of surrounding climates in each design they develop.

The wide world of building science and environment is ever-evolving, making it essential to collaboratively create efficient and sustainable solutions that take neighboring conditions into account. By working together to analyze data and evaluate environmental factors, architects all over the world can build settings that are mindful of their surroundings.

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