BCT654 Innovation Project II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCT654 Innovation Project II is an ideal course for students interested in innovative thinking, problem-solving, and concept development. In this course, students are exposed to a project-based approach of learning the fundamental principles related to product innovation. This provides a great opportunity to gain skills such as problem definition, research method capacity development, resource identification, synthesis, and evaluation of ideas and solutions.

Students work with real-life scenarios and learn how to turn concepts into actionable strategies through project delivery. Additionally, there are mechanisms in place that enable interactive visual presentations of ideas, ensuring effective communication and a better understanding of complex technologies. All together, BCT654 Innovation Project II is an excellent source material with hands-on experience in the innovative process of product development.

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To complete this section, please perform the activities listed below:

Assignment Activity 1: Assemble the prototype from an improvised design framework on the sustainable built environment.

The challenge of creating a sustainable built environment requires an innovative design framework that can be used to assemble prototypes. To this end, it is essential to identify available materials and methods for constructing an improvised prototype in accordance with the given design framework. In doing so, a prototype with the expected characteristics can be assembled and tested, allowing designers to obtain valuable feedback from stakeholders and make appropriate improvements before the idea is brought into fruition.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate the performance of the innovation prototype for a sustainable built environment.

The performance of a prototype intended to create a sustainable built environment can be demonstrated through a variety of methods, such as real-time monitoring and visual feedback simulations. This could include the use of augmented reality technology to provide 3D representations of the space in its current settings, or potentially a comparison to other potential scenarios that illustrate changes that are better suited for sustainability goals.

Through different testing strategies, it is possible to analyze how a project may likely perform while also qualifying new ideas and innovative technologies in order to facilitate improved efficiency. If tested properly, it could help develop an efficient blueprint to build an ideal sustainable built environment.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate an entrepreneurial skill in proposing an innovative prototype that can be marketable in a sustainable built environment.

As an entrepreneur in the built environment, I have developed an innovative prototype that I am confident could be a marketable product. This prototype not only meets current sustainable standards but responds innovatively to changing consumer needs and provides solutions to common problems faced by consumers and industry professionals alike. Through extensive research, field testing, and feedback from experts in my network, I am confident this prototype will be promising for the longevity of sustainable design within the built environment. My goal is to offer a product that brings together creativity and sustainability – one that offers market competitiveness while prioritizing environmental concerns.

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