BAP154 Introduction to Communication UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BAP154 Introduction to Communication is the perfect class for anyone looking to build essential communication skills. This course focuses on how to shape effective messages and how conversations reflect an individual’s culture, values, ideas, traditions, and more. It also covers context and communication channels, as well as techniques such as active listening, emotional intelligence, dealing with difficult conversations and mutual goal setting.

The key takeaway of this course is understanding the importance of communication not only in the workplace but in your personal life too. With improved communication comes better relationships and a renewed sense of satisfaction with yourself and your connections with others. So don’t wait any longer- sign up for BAP154 Introduction to Communication today!

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Here is a list of assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Explain the relationship between concepts and categories of communication with examples of current communication.

Communications can be broken down into concepts and categories, which helps people to better understand the types of communication that exist in our modern world. Concepts such as tone and expression are tools used to craft a conversation, while categories include verbal, non-verbal, written, mass media, and digital communications. An example of the effective use of these concepts and categories is found in the current landscape of international communication.

For example, in countries that have imposed tough restrictions on face-to-face interactions due to the pandemic, digital tools such as Skype and Zoom have become essential for keeping connected. Similarly, written forms like emails continue to play an important role in both business and social conversations globally. By understanding how concepts and categories fit together in everyday communication we can better navigate this ever-evolving field.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate social communication skills and self-confidence in producing discussion simulations.

Developing social communication skills and self-confidence are essential components of successful group discussion simulations. Having these abilities can help one excel in a competitive environment while contributing to the collaborative dialogue effectively. It is important to recognize that you should be comfortable speaking in public and contribute your thoughts, ideas, or questions confidently only after listening attentively to other speakers.

Additionally, it is crucial to maintain a professional attitude while participating in any discussion simulation. Doing so will show your respect for others, demonstrate your positive work ethic, and result in productive conversations.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate moral values and ethics in communication with the community.

Effective communication with the community is only possible when one has actively demonstrated moral values and ethics. It builds trust, credibility, and respect among all parties involved. Acknowledging topics that are sensitive to discuss, listening to ideas without judgement, displaying a commitment to show genuine interest in what others may have to say, and being open to learning new perspectives are just a few of the necessary elements needed for successful communication with members of the community.

By acting upon these principles, communication can be improved and relationships can be strengthened. Fostering mutual understanding through morality and ethics will ultimately build a healthy environment that permits productive conversations.

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