BAMS1743 Quantitative Methods Assignment Sample Malaysia

This (BAMS1743) Quantitative Methods course provides an introduction to the use of quantitative methods in research. Emphasis will be on achieving an understanding and critical analysis, through self-study or presentations made up by their respective instructor within this framework; students should also consider how they would go about collecting data for future projects if it were not available already (i.e., surveys). It isn’t necessary that you’re comfortable with all statistical techniques out there because what we’ll teach is only basic principles that are important no matter where your work takes place!

The aim of this (BAMS1743) Quantitative Methods course is to introduce you to the methods used in social sciences, including both descriptive statistics and elementary inferential ones. You will also learn some key international sources for data on human behavior- which can be really useful!

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BAMS1743: Quantitative Methods Assignment Task

By the end of this assignment acknowledgment, you will be able to:

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Assignment Task 1: Apply writing skills (in writing up your work for the assignment)

One way to apply writing skills in BAMS1743 Quantitative Methods is by making use of the paper as a form of literature. The essay should include elements such as emotional insight into the topic of interest, personal involvement or experiences, and at least two powerful quotes that relate to the topic at hand. Where possible, each quote should be referenced and sourced with a footnote on first use. A well-written essay includes clear thought processes; correct spelling and grammar; an introduction paragraph; thesis statement; separate paragraphs with solid logical order; appropriate length (avoiding or minimizing wordiness); comparison with other related information where appropriate; and an understandable conclusion.

Assignment Task 2: Use critical thinking through independent learning and study

Critical thinking is a powerful skill that can eliminate your reliance on others to make life-changing decisions for you. Students from all levels, from preschool to university graduate school, can benefit from practicing their critical thinking skills as they learn and grow.

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In many cases, students feel more confident in the knowledge they’re learning because they’ve been given an opportunity to analyze it themselves with a clear mind rather than being told what its true objective is. More importantly, critical thinking enables one to make decisions with a high degree of awareness and purpose which always leads back down a positive path of growth facing each new challenge head-on with courage and understanding!

Assignment Task 3: Apply computing skills (in the use of a spreadsheet package)

Spreadsheet packages usually have powerful calculation capabilities built-in, which means they’re able to do anything that many other computer programs can do! Typically spreadsheets provide specialized mortgage calculation functionality that can help you throughout your homebuying journey. Before we get into mortgage calculations, we need to do two things:

1) Set up a spreadsheet package properly so that you can understand how it works and be able to use the appropriate features in your calculations, and

2) Understand what you want from your calculation sheet and be able to adjust it as necessary to fit your specific needs.

Assignment Task 4: Use a computer spreadsheet to analyze data and to produce appropriate graphs

Spreadsheets are an excellent tool to use in the analysis of data. It’s possible to generate charts, graphs, and summarize information with the use of different “cells”. Charts like pie charts and bar graphs are most easily understood by readers. Graphs showing changes over time or displaying trends can make it easy to pick out variations in data. A chart is often used with scatter plot when there is one independent variable (x-axis) and one dependent variable (y-axis). When you’re creating a chart, labeling each axis is very important because it will give meaning to the visual that the user sees on their screen.

Scatter plots can be linear or nonlinear; they should only be used when all points fall on a line. Scatter plots show how two variables relate to each other, and on scatter plots patterns may emerge. A pattern indicates a kind of relationship between the variables, but it does not indicate whether this is a causal or correlational relationship. For example, if there were a high positive correlation between daily consumption of hot chocolate and number of people who drown in swimming pools each year in your country, you might conclude that drinking too much hot chocolate can lead to drowning! However, this would be an incorrect conclusion because drowning occurs after someone enters the water. In this case, consumption of hot chocolate would most likely have no effect on drowning rates.

Assignment Task 5: Apply quantitative methods to analyze social science data and to understand other people’s use of these methods

The methods can be applied to analyze social science data and to understand other people’s use of these methods. For example, Moore (2013) analyzed the nature of road traffic accidents in St. Gallen to show how understanding basic quantitative analysis can reveal important information about driver behavior at intersections. Specifically, he noted research findings for five major cities that concluded that it is safer for pedestrians if drivers wait before crossing an intersection rather than just yielding typically because vehicles are much more likely to experience a collision when they try to cross an intersection after waiting than if they wait before the patient starts “yielding.” This paper shows how qualitative research combined with basic quantitative interpretation reveals principles related to the safety of pedestrians but also highlights the importance of scrutinizing interpretations of these findings to understand the limitations of the data

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