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ARK587 Research Paper course is an excellent way for students to develop their research and writing skills. Designed for advanced or honors high school students, this course focuses on the basics of effective research and composition, as well as the fundamental structural elements of a paper.

Guided by experienced instructors and utilizing cutting-edge technology, students can become proficient in researching topics from an array of disciplines, forming logical arguments using facts and evidence, controlling the structure of their papers via thesis statements and topic sentences, and articulating their arguments in written form with clarity and precision. Through this course, students gain invaluable skills that will aid them academically throughout their high school careers.

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Here, we outline several assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Follow guidelines and basic research methods to undertake a small-scale research.

When embarking on a small-scale research project, it is important to have an effective plan in place. Knowing the goal and objectives of the study and having a clear timeline can help keep things on track and organized. Good research methods include thorough literature reviews, interviewing experts, using surveys or collecting data; all practices help to ensure that reliable and accurate findings are obtained.

Additionally, ethical considerations such as securing consent from respondents should be factored into the process. A well-thought-out design ensures that the right questions are asked at the right time, with the right people in order to support solid conclusions. Following guidelines and basic research methods is essential for any successful small-scale research effort.

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Assignment Brief 2: Produce a structured research writing that reflects on analysis and critical thinking.

Research writing is an essential part of any successful academic or professional endeavor, as it demonstrates a person’s ability to analyze and interpret evidence in order to build a persuasive argument. Producing such writing involves careful consideration of the topic at hand, including rigorous research conducted both online and offline. It is then important to combine facts with logic in order to develop one’s understanding of the topic and form an informed opinion.

This should be done through thorough critical thinking and solid evidence gathering–skills that will be demonstrated in structured writing. Ultimately, producing research that performs a deep analysis while reflecting on one’s own thought processes is certainly a worthwhile pursuit that can yield significant rewards.

Assignment Brief 3: Work independently and with a supervisor, observing good time management.

Working independently is a great way to build self-confidence and hone skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and organizational skills. However, there are times when it is beneficial to work together by pairing with a supervisor or mentor. Working with a supervisor provides the opportunity to learn from the experience of others and helps develop better time management skills while still being able to accomplish tasks quickly.

In addition to learning new strategies and methodologies, working with a supervisor allows for constructive feedback that may strengthen skills that could otherwise take much longer to perfect when working alone. As independent workers may be limited by their own experience, collaborating in this way can open up many new possibilities. Ultimately having the ability to competently balanced both types of working styles allows us to thrive in any situation and create success through strong time management practices.

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